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Deep Purple by Pell Wall Perfumes

Delicate and ethereal - like the flower

I love chocolate violet creams and I was kind of hoping that this would smell a bit like those so, initially, I was a little disappointed when it didn't. This is not the sweet confectioner's violet - no Parma violets here but what we do have is something rather more interesting. This perfume seems to represent the woodland floor where the violets grow - there's a fresh, mossy green-ness going on and the violet scent itself is delicate, ethereal - it comes and goes like the scent of the flower itself. Its all rather clever. The only downside is that it didn't last long on me - two to three hours at most.

I found it quite wearable and I think I could wear it to work. I liked it very much.

Pros: Interesting take on violet
Cons: Didn't last long on me

03rd June, 2013
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United Kingdom

Café Rose by Tom Ford

I'm very new to all this but I got a free sample of Cafe Rose along with another Tom Ford fragrance and I have to say that I really liked it. Because the only review here is a negative, I thought I would post a positive one. I really don't have the knowledge or vocabulary to give an accurate breakdown of the perfume initial thoughts were of those chocolate rose creams you sometimes get at Christmas. I know people who hate those but I'm not one of them and so it was very nice to get the rose (obviously) as well as the dark chocolate and (I think) a smokiness to compliment it. The rose gets stronger as time goes on and then, later still, a sweetness begins to take over(perhaps vanilla) with a little berry fruits. It lasted a long time on me - a good ten hours anyway - and I did not tire of it.

I believe it is very similar to Tom Ford's 'Noir de Noir' so I look forward to trying that as well!
10th November, 2012