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Acqua di Giò Essenza by Giorgio Armani

I have never tried AdG (gasp!) so I can't compare this to the original. However, I really like this! It smells like a salty ocean, with some spice and woods thrown into the mix. Most fragrances give you a headache if you spray too much or smell it up close too often, but so far I have not gotten tired of smelling AdGE.

Longevity on this one is good though projection is so-so.
10th December, 2012

L'Eau par Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo

This fragrance is the very definition of an aquatic - airy, watery, ozonic and citric. However, it falls flat after that initial burst of freshness. Its notes are rather linear and don't change much, though you probably wouldn't notice even if they did, since its longevity and sillage are very poor - it gets very faint about 30 minutes after you spray it, and by the fourth hour you would be hard-pressed to detect it even if you bring your wrist up to your nose.

All in all, this fragrance has too little staying power to be recommended.
03rd December, 2012

Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

Bleu is a high quality scent that ticks all the right boxes. It starts out disguised as a fresh aquatic but quickly evolves into something smoother and richer. It is very versatile too - great for day and night, office and dates, etc. Longevity and sillage is excellent on this so be careful not to spray too much - it can get a bit cloying.

Most of the negative reviews for Bleu say that it is generic and boring. IMO this is largely a result of preconceived notions about the Chanel brand. Because Chanel has a history of making innovative scents, scent snobs were disappointed when it came out with a mass market crowd-pleaser.

But the fact is, Bleu *does* have its own distinctive personality - while it shares components of many other popular fragrances, it never smells exactly the same as anything else. This is proven by threads on the forums discussing what fragrances Bleu smells like - the answers are all over the place. Bleu simply has this incredible chameleonic quality of reminding different people of different fragrances. But the important thing is this - while people often mistake other fragrances for Bleu, they rarely mistake Bleu for other fragrances. Despite being a latecomer to the scene, Bleu has made itself the benchmark for the genre of perfume that it represents, and that is what makes it a masterpiece.
28th November, 2012
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L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Sport by Issey Miyake

This is a fresh, perky and very pleasant sport fragrance. Projection is great on my skin and longevity is decent. I prefer this to the original because it smells smoother and doesn't have the sharp/sour yuzu tang that the original had. The nutmeg note predominates in this flanker.

Yes, L'eau d'Issey Sport is not a terribly special or complex fragrance, but that is its strength - it was meant to be a crowd-pleasing, unoffensive and genuinely sporty scent, and it doesn't try to be more than that. Buy this if you are looking for a sports scent or a day fragrance with a clean, youthful vibe.
24th November, 2012 (last edited: 26th November, 2012)

Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

I was in the store trying many fragrances, and Armani Code didn't jump out at me initially. In fact, I ended up buying a Chanel perfume instead. But somehow the memory of AC's scent lingered in my mind and I couldn't get over it, so the next day I went back and bought it.

AC starts out fresh but quickly dries down to a delicious creamy base that is undeniably masculine. It is dark and very alluring, and reminds me of a sexy, classy and mysterious man. Great as an evening scent but suitable for office wear as well.
09th November, 2012