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L'Humaniste by Frapin

I have tried 2 or 3 other frapin fragrances( speakeasy and 1667 or 1270) and have actually disliked them very much..i don't know why I decided to give this house another try but I am glad I did....I got a sample vial and gave it a try earlier today around 4pm after the gym..opening is basicly a powdery juniper with a muted citrus opening....the dry down is very powdery and nice and wearable....definitely the most wearable frapin I have tried
10th January, 2014

Play Green by Comme des Garçons

got a sample vial of this...poured the entire contents over both of my arms which i guess would equal about 10 sprays...a nice spearmint fresh green smell but it barely lasts 3 hours until its completely gone(no skin scent left either)..if this fragrance lasted it would be amazing
11th December, 2012