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Joop! Homme by Joop!

Powerful, too sweet for me but I remember it was very popular when it came out. Agreed with the poster who said it reminds him of cough syrup. And on a side note this is about the third time I have heard someone contemplate "returning" a cologne- I want to know where you shop that you can return a used cologne just because you don't like it.
30th November, 2012

English Leather by Dana

English Leather is a nice old, masculine, grandfathery cologne. The first impression I got was of alcohol and fake lemons. But after a few minutes it warmed up into a very nice mossy, pencil shaving scent. Woodsy. There remained a bit of a synthetic feel though. But what makes English Leather great is that cool down when the wood and moss fades out and then it's leather, leather, leather. Some reviewers say that if you like this cologne you don't know what leather smells like, but I grew up in the country around saddles and boots and fresh leather and that's what this is- fresh leather. Not old saddle leather, but if you bought a strip of belt leather to tool, that's what this smells like. Pretty good for a cheapo scent, and they are my standbys.
16th November, 2012