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Bois Noir by Chanel

The backstory of Bois Noir has been told elsewhere, and I really have nothing to add. Is it as rare as is claimed? A production run of just one thousand bottles? Seems like I read that somewhere. If you're reading this, you probably know what Bois Noir is, and that bottles don't come cheap today.

So, the scent: It does smell a lot like Egoiste, and closer to the original ('90) than the Cologne Concentree ('92). Bois Noir has less of a gourmand quality -- a more subtle vanilla and less spice. Egoiste is a great fragrance, but I do find the opening to be a bit cacophonous and even unsettling at times. Bois Noir does not have that effect on me. Egoiste is great once it settles down; with Bois Noir, there is a clarity of purpose from the start, if I can put it like that. For a detailed rundown of the other differences, you'd be better off reading what others have said. I've never been good at describing scents or picking out more than a handful of notes.

There are other fragrances even harder to find, essentially unavailable at any price. But of the perfumes I had hoped to own someday, Bois Noir was the one I thought might elude me forever. When I did manage to land a bottle, the sense of triumph was mixed with one of anticlimax. It was as if, as a collector, my work was done. I have bought other fragrances since then, some rather difficult to find, but to this day, Bois Noir remains my biggest get, and I haven't pursued the hobby with quite the same fervor since. That's not to say I've lost interest in fragrance, just that, these days, my focus is much more on enjoying my collection rather than trying to expand it.

To anyone contemplating a purchase, I offer a final word: The only reason you might need a bottle of Bois Noir is that you just have to have it.
In other words, I suspect that the pleasure it would bring will reside largely in the having. You can get a vintage bottle of Egoiste for a fraction of the price. Bois Noir does differ from Egoiste in significant ways, and I have to say my preference is for BN. But would that be the case if I knew nothing of the backstory? It's hard to say.
09th February, 2019 (last edited: 23rd May, 2019)
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D&G Masculine by Dolce & Gabbana

Is that banana? I guess not, but there's something about the opening that brought that fruit to mind.

I expected to like Masculine. It looks good on paper. Unfortunately, the way the notes come together is another matter. I find that Masculine has an ozonic or aquatic quality well into the drydown. That no one else has mentioned this does cause me to question my nose, but that's the only way I can describe it. And then there is the musk. If "laundry musk" is actually a thing, I think this must be it. Finally, the lemon. Many reviewers comment on the lemon, but the citrus notes I smell when I sniff the cap of this bottle seemed to disappear the instant the juice hit my skin. What I'm left with is the scent of a laundry product with a sort of fresh, sporty, aquatic vibe. No, thanks.
20th August, 2017