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Original Santal by Creed


I bought this as a blind buy about a year ago. I tried it at that time and felt that it was cloyingly sweet. I put it away on the back shelf until now. I thought I would try it again, with summer over, as a possible warm, spicy scent for the fall and winter. I used a very small spray on my wrist. Even with that small amount, I was struck by a cloyingly sweet and spicy blast. and then it seemed to amplify. It just kept coming at me! Remember Robert Patrick in Terminator 2? Like that! I thought that I could let it ride until the dry down to see if it improved. No dice. After an hour, it was overwhelming and I had a headache and felt nauseated – this from a guy who hasn't thrown up in 20 years. I finally had to scrub it off – no mean feat. On a positive note, I tried Aventus again and had a more positive experience compared to the last time I wore it. Maybe Creed is not a complete loss for me.

Pros: Could disguise the smell of decomp.
Cons: Longevity"

27th September, 2013

Artek Standard by Comme des Garçons

Very underrated scent

This was a blind buy when I was looking for a wood scent, primarily for winter wear. I was taken a little buy surprised by the powerful blast of lemon at the outset.  That transitions nicely to the cedar heart of the fragrance which I enjoyed for a couple of hours before it blended into the final phase of the dry down.

The final act is an animalic base from the herbs and musk but it still retains echoes of lemon and cedar.

It is one of those skin scents that keeps me sniffing at my wrist or arm or wherever all day long.  I would love to see what this scent would smell like on a woman.

Pros: Crisp and lively opening, slightly woody and very animalic dry down
Cons: I wish it had a little better projection

18th May, 2013

Vétiver by Christian Dior

I bought this blind after reading various reviews and I was immediately let down. First, where was this blast of citrus everyone seems to talk about. Citrus scents were my go to for a very long time after some very unfortunate fragrance purchases, so I generally feel confident that I know what citrus smells like in a fragrance. Artek by CDG, for instance…now there’s blast of citrus. If you’re not careful, it’s like walking into a lemonade firehose. Consequently, with my mind closed the way it was when I first sprayed it on, I dismissed it because it wasn’t what I was expecting.

Fast-forward a little bit of time and some considerable fragrance experimentation, I took Vetiver off the shelf and tried it again. My first realization is that I should not have simply expected lemon or bergamot at the beginning. Of course, grapefruit is a citrus as well. With that box checked off, I began to appreciate the peppery note that vacillates through the entire dry down. The constant is that fresh grassy note that reminds me of adolescent visits to my uncle’s farm. It brought back the summer afternoons baling the fresh mown hay and all the other wonderful things that were going on in my life at that time, made me appreciate the beauty of this fragrance and the power of olfaction to evoke memories and emotions. Try as I might, I still cannot find the coffee in this one.

It is a wonderful fragrance to wear at the office, after a workout, on a warm summer day or when I want to kick back on a weekend, put on Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” and reminisce.
28th January, 2013 (last edited: 09th February, 2013)
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Only The Brave by Diesel

I recently have begun dipping my toe into artisan/niche perfumery and I decided to sort through the designer frags in the cupboard to decide what I should keep or toss. i couldn’t recall why I haven’t worn this one in awhile. I tried it on and was immediately reminded. On my skin, it opened with a burst of citrus and then became treacly sweet….and then it just would not go away. I just kept on smelling it to the point where I wasn’t sure it was still there or that it might be a flashback from some sort of olfactory PTSD.

Fragrances are very individual and I have to admit that sweet smelling fragrances often don’t work well for my skin type. That’s probably the reason why for a long time I kept to some very safe citrus choices. Recently I have found that all sweet/floral scents do not behave in the same way. There is nothing in this scent (not the amber, violet or mandarin) that I haven’t encountered in other scents that agree with me very well. Consequently, I now try, whenever possible, to obtain a sample and try it on different body areas on more than one day before I buy….except incense fragrances, particularly Dzongkha. No way to go wrong with that one.
20th January, 2013