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Tuscan Blood Orange by Pacifica

It's kind of a spicy realistic orange, it's very sharp and pretty noticeable when you first apply but doesn't last long at all. I'll give it an hour or two tops if I am doing something. I keep this scent in my bag for any situations where I need a scent reapplication or something but I wouldn't wear it everyday or regularly. It's very singular and linear, which I don't care for.
I don't dislike it though, it's very good for what it is: which is a straight forward, orange scent. Might be good for teens or for an extremely casual day scent, if you are okay with re-applying a lot.
29th November, 2012

No. 19 by Chanel

This is one of my favorite January - February scents, it powdery florals combined with a sharp green (ETD version purchased in 2011 has since been reformulated I hear, juice is emerald green) accord and a nice leather to give the scent backbone and keep it from going down soft and ladylike. It's lady like - but this is the scent of the ultimate bitch - the one with money and who knows what she wants.
It stays with me all day but isn't over powering. It will never make an entrance but I've been told lingers on clothes - and sheets. On my skin it dries down to a nice woody musk. This is by far one of my favorite perfumes for it's ability to both melt into something pleasing on my skin but also for wearability. It is not out of place anywhere - except maybe a nightclub, you might want something more seductive or flirty for that: No 19 is not a flirty, girly, come hither scent it's much more of a "I know what I want and if I want you; I will come and get you" scent.
28th November, 2012

Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel

To me, and on my body, this smells exactly like the EDT of Daisy I purchased in 2008. Now, that's a perfectly lovely white floral, sweet, and understated scent I am a bit annoyed at Chanel for coming out with the same perfume at a higher price point. However, for whatever reason Chance Eau Tendre did stay on my skin longer - but was as understated as Daisy always has been. Additionally, it seems the soapy note I kept getting off the Daisy parfum is absent from Chance ET.

This is a perfectly lovely sweet floral, good for women - young women, offices, and maybe summer if you prefer a light scent. However I don't think it's very interesting and it's very "girly" and "pretty."
28th November, 2012
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Pink Sugar by Aquolina

My relationship with Pink Sugar is... well it's complicated. I loved this scent during undergrad years and after graduation but upon smelling it recently can't stand it. It is perfect for a young girl, at one point in my life it made me very happy. It smells like happiness itself I guess: sugary, fruity, bright, and dies down to a very very warm vanilla.

Part of my love for this fragrance actually came in the solid compact form. I still love my solid Pink Sugar but the solid fragrance smells much softer, more vanilla-y and warmer than the EDT version.

I think this is a great starter perfume and I have always had success with it for gifting preteens and teenage girls.
28th November, 2012