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Testostérone by Sentifique

Rugged and Kindhearted

Testostérone is complete and perfect. An almost linear scent which develops its complex odour already after a few minutes and remains true to itself for hours.

Testostérone's spicy notes come from caraway and thyme. Combined with birch tar and cade oil these herbal ingredients create a stringent, medicinal odour of camphor, smoke, rubber and paint. Agarwood underlines the roughness and dirtiness of the smoky notes and creates strength. An overdose of Ambrox Super intensifies the animalistic sensuality of the Agarwood. The Patchouli crystals (patchouli alcohol) recall the smell of fresh sweat and contribute a soft and erotic elegance to this rather sharp and rough fragrance.

Testostérone has many different sides: strong, straight, raw, down-to-earth, sensual, erotic and elegant. This scent was created to represent the multiplicity of all typically male attributes (not only physical power or a strong sex drive).

Assuming that the hormone testosterone is solely responsible for strength and aggressivity is a misunderstanding. It's wrong to associate testosterone (the hormone and the perfume) with adolescent daredevils or pumped up body builders only. Testosterone is an essential and good hormone. Men owe to it many typically male characteristics – amongst others also: generosity, gentleness or exploratory urge. Without this hormone a man does not look and behave like a man. Testosterone distinguishes men from women. Without this hormone life would be boring and sad for all of us (men and women).

The perfume named Testostérone is indeed very masculine and erotic. A strong signature scent that is never sweet or too heavy. Applied sparingly it can be worn at business meetings or even having dinner. I prefer this perfume in a higher dosage for going out at night. I know it's not a magic potion but it makes me feel sexy. I love the name Testostérone. I guess I'm man enough to understand its irony. Wearing Testostérone is fun.

20th October, 2013