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Dark Aoud by Montale

I dont know what to think . After reading reviews i thought this was going to smell different. this is not a good go out sent at all . Ide love something this strong that smells more like a versachie or chanel. Im sorry guys in my honest opinion it doesent smell like anything anyone would want to wear. Waste of 100$$$ will sell it when i get the chance.
24th February, 2013

Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

Wow im confused . I thought i was going to hate this . I always ignored this one till i was chating with the lady at maceys and haveing her smell every fragrence they owne . My M O .
She directed me to this and i remember reading bad comments about this on here in few bloggs . Needless to say they were wrong in my opinion . This is a awesone sent that smelt not to great on paper then the lady was like noooo no nooo you have to put this one on . I held my arm out closed my eyes and got blasted wich is what the sprayer does its a good one let me tell ya . Ultra good sprayer on this bottle i might add . I was baffled becauss on skin it is super warm and masculent and fresh at the same time . She said women like how it smells and i can see why . It could project better yes but sometimes others can smell you better than you can . im defiantly grabing a bottle of this ide be a fool not to .
14th January, 2013

Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême by Chanel

I have to rereview this after manny wears . I changed my thumbs up to a thumbs down becauss after an hour or so this gets so close to the skin that i have to put my wrists up to my nose and inhale to smell this stuff . I still do love the sent its self alot the first hour but it has no projection at all . It does last but stays so close to the skin that it might as well not be their . Big let down for the price .
08th December, 2012 (last edited: 12th February, 2013)
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Desire Blue by Dunhill

I hate to.recant on anything but after a few weares of this its just ok no great . Not a head turner by any means . I still like to wear it sometimes but now im starting to get the laundry soap and babypowder thing . Its not a stink but i wouldent put this on at date night or anything special . Hay i payed for the bottle might as well use it . I would have to say the opening is great . If the whole sent stayed like the opening ide keep it thumbs up .
08th December, 2012 (last edited: 20th January, 2013)

Bulgari Man by Bulgari

I like this but somethings missing. Needs a bit more wow factor to me its a bit dule and boaring. Maby if a little of leather and citrus was thrown in the mix this would rock . But like a said it lacks o bit of umpth but not to shabby . Wate for drydown as it gets a bit powdery wich i do not like . im more into fresh outgoing sents.
08th December, 2012