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    Aoud Ever by Montale

    In a range of endless (supposed) agar wood combinations the Montale house delivers a rather unexpected and unusual offering: Aoud Ever. In the top-notes the citric components are immediately present in a fierce way and little by little a smooth and thick very recognizable sandalwood/leather based melange is born (=Aoud?). After an hour or so the lemony-accord has faded away and wat's left is a scent close to/just like Dark Aoud/ Aoud Moon. Of all the Aoud releases I think this one is a pleasant surprise. The combination of Citrus and Aoud is not very common in perfumery and the dry down is the Montale signature of the Aoud range. I love it.

    19th April, 2014 (Last Edited: 15th June, 2014)


    Almost Transparent Blue by A Lab on Fire

    Almost Transparent Blue is the newest offering by A Lab On Fire starting with a citrus blast in the opening, not that sharp, rather fresh but thick and realistic. Very enjoyable and slightly gourmandic. The opening is (very) short-lived and quickly this fragrance evolves into a woody-fresh experience with a metallic vibe (the typical A Lab On Fire feel which I already love in What We Do In Paris Is Secret and Sweet Dreams). Almost Transparent Blue balances between fresh and warm in a subtile and cosy way. The fragrance is never too loud and fades rather quickly so that re-appliance in my case was necessary after 5-6 hours or so. I think this scent is a nice release in the line but its brothers and sisters are more fun. Because I'm a fan of the A Lab On Fire DNA, I give this one a thumbs up. Still happy to have it in my collection.

    28th March, 2014


    I Love NY for All by Bond No. 9

    The list of notes and the description of the frag made want this so bad. Unfortunately the very synthetic milky and creamy note is unbearable and makes me nauseus. Disgusting.

    24th March, 2013


    Fan di Fendi pour Homme by Fendi

    Fan Di Fendi starts with citrus but those top notes dissapear quickly. I get some wood notes and it's spicy too. Just enough sweetness. When it settles down it's still sweet but gets leathery. A nice drydown with good lasting power. To me it's a masculine and classy scent ideal for daily use. Very underrated.

    11th February, 2013

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