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Blow Up / Le Cinéma Olfactif : No. 6 - Blow Up by Folie à Plusieurs

Very well done smoky, leathery opening, somehow challenging with an animalic undertone lingering in the mid fase. An addictive opening for sure. The base is less interesting, revealing a rather sweet leather/musk accord, never medicinal or harsh but somehow common. It leans more towards the male side of the spectrum IMO. Still a nice offering and thumbs up for the great two hours from this fragrance. Sillage and projection are moderate.

31st December, 2016 (last edited: 20th January, 2018)

Armani Privé Rose d'Arabie by Giorgio Armani

A medicinal (in a good way) dark rose/oud combo with great performance. One of the best in a very crowded genre.
11th January, 2015

Aoud Ever by Montale

In a range of endless (supposed) agar wood combinations the Montale house delivers a rather unexpected and unusual offering: Aoud Ever. In the top-notes the citric components are immediately present in a fierce way and little by little a smooth and thick very recognizable sandalwood/leather based melange is born (=Aoud?). After an hour or so the lemony-accord has faded away and wat's left is a scent close to/just like Dark Aoud/ Aoud Moon. Of all the Aoud releases I think this one is a pleasant surprise. The combination of Citrus and Aoud is not very common in perfumery and the dry down is the Montale signature of the Aoud range. I love it.
19th April, 2014 (last edited: 15th June, 2014)
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28th March, 2014 (last edited: 22nd May, 2017)