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The One for Men Eau de Parfum by Dolce & Gabbana's been a while since I've worn it, prior to today. To be honest, this is a fragrance that you should wear at night during the winter. Every time I chose to wear it, I realized that I chose it at the wrong time.

It's dark. Mysterious-yet...welcoming, and open. I can see myself on a beautiful, clear, moonlit night wearing this; as I walk around the city watching my breath break the cold fridgit air. The smell of this peaceful and sophisticated cologne permeating all around me, and around my date. I'd have a nice Italian suit on, or just something simple and relaxing. Like sneakers, some jeans, and a dress shirt (yes, you can pull it off if you know anything about style). A nice fresh haircut is a MUST WHEN WEARING THIS. And while you're at it, go get a glass of scotch :) I can even see myself in a nice car as I have the music on low, just cruising around the city on a Beautiful cold Friday night, with the smell of the leather interior to compliment the vanilla mix in the cologne. Leather and vanilla were made for each other, by the way. The ladies love the mix ;) trust me, guys.

Overall: winter night cologne, while wearing relaxing, or more sophisticated clothing. However, this is a very "come closer" to me cologne; which is a good thing, because that's the way the first one wa supposed to be: "hey girl, come over here, and let's get to know each other, go out, and have a great night on the town and let me treat you like the unique soul i can see that you are"
It last longer than the origional. When out against the origional, I think the origional smells a little better, it's just weaker.
27th June, 2017

Gucci Guilty Intense Pour Homme by Gucci smells good. its of those fragrances that everyone will get because of the brand and it will become generic. it smells good's "generic bound". I see this being bought by non collectors and other small bands copying this. Not worth the money, but worth a buy IF you have the extra money, want to just buy a new cologne, and just want something more fancy than most normal day fragrances.

longevity: eh...7 out of 10
projection: 6 out of 10

would i keep this in my collection: eh...yes but onl as a young man until im 35.maybe 40...tops. this is a young beginners fragrance. a person who is trying to clean up his looks and style.
15th December, 2015

Solare by Vince Camuto

FIRST- is this worth the price? no. not at all. i would give it abot a $25.00 to $35.00 price range.

Well...what can i say about this fragrance?Well, my purpose for getting this fragrance when I did was simple: I just wanted to try something new that I had yet to smell. Was I satisfied? a certain extent. Does this stuff smell good? Yes. I've gotten numerous complements on it and its potency. This stuff is pretty heavy in the summer but it could use improvement. The problem? This isn't a summer fragrance! this is a winter/fall fragrance and a spring fragrance. In the summer, this just doesn't fit. It doesn't fit the summer vibe of having fun and being out in the hot sun with light clothing on as a wonderful breeze sweeps through.

WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE: do you remember those creamy-orange ice sickle pops? thats what this reminds me of creamcickles. Add hints of vanilla and amber to it (small faint hits of amber). Do you remember those orange cream limited edition kit kats that came out about 7 years ago? That is what this smells like.

LONGEVITY: AROUND 8-9 hours on my skin

PROJECTION: about 4 feet around for 4 hours and then it gets close to the skin gradually.

this isn't a bad fragrance. Its not what i always reach for (only used it like 3 times within 7 months) but its great for work or for any normal kind of day. I would only bring this on a first date but it would have to be to somewhere some-what fun or amusing (like a carnival or theme park; something along those lines).
14th December, 2015
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Givenchy Play Intense by Givenchy


it is a cold winter morning (December-February) and you're on your way to work. The sun is shining without a single cloud in the sky. you've got your leather jacket on with your favorite sweet coffee from Starbucks (or whatever) in your hand as well as a nice vanilla scented cologne on that is just simply memorizing to the nostrils of others-as well as our own. That same refreshing love song or jazz song plays in your head over and over again and every time you hear your favorite note play, a piece of your heart melts and you just feel ready for the world and to take it on; you're feeling steady and happy! the feeling persist as you get into your beautiful car with the smell of your vanilla cologne mixing ever so perfectly with the new-car smell. That semi citrus and vanilla with a nice hot chocolate or sweet starbucks coffee in the mix. And in the midst of all this, you have the thought of "man...i feel so great and so amazing right now!'

this is one of those fragrances that will make you change the way you stand, walk, move your arms, the way you feel about a terrible day ahead, and just you overall mood. It makes me want to dress up nice and flashy as if I am a business man. Confidence and high class in a bottle!

this is no BS you can check my wordorbe (and I still havent updated all my fragrances yet). I have had this for years and I would pull this from the stack more than I would Le Male or Pure Malt.

longevity: I can smell faint hints of it after over 20 hours

projection: around 5-6 feet with an amazing scent train
08th December, 2015

Joop! Homme by Joop!

AHHH yes :) VALENTINES DAY. Please sit back, put on your favorite love songs, and read this review.

well...when I think of the perfect cologne for the perfect night of love, this comes to mind. The love of your life...a nice cold chilly with clear skies, stars, and a nice moon. The woman you've always dreamed of and a nice outfit on. candles in the background with the lights off. the slowest and the perfect collection of classical love songs on.

this is JOOP HOMME. exactly what i explained.the romantic feeling i get when i smell this fragrance and realize its power is amazing.i noticed a lot of thumbs downs. once again, i think its in part due to not seeing that maybe this particular fragrance was made for that SPECIAL moment and that special time and place. much like veraces "the dreamer" is complex and asks only to be worn duing specific and special scenes, this does the same thing. i happen to own both and i pick this over dreamer on valentines day or any romantic night during the winter.

longevity: wow...eternity!! lmao but no it last...more than 15 hours

projections: here's a story instead...when I graduated Marine Combat Training, I had the audacity to wear this to a formation one night, and, to be frank, i only spayed ONE spray and i could smell myself clear as day and people from over 10 feet away could smell me. THIS THING IS A MONSTER.when i compare it to 1 million, Le MALE, A Men, any of my dior fragrances, and many Chanel fragrances...this far succeeds them in projections with only YSL La nuit even putting up a fight (sometimes le male can compete). this thing is awesome.

10/10 i love a fragrance that projects and last as well as has an abundance of vanilla and can be floral at the same time.
06th December, 2015

Platinum Égoïste by Chanel

tried this today. wasn't really impressed. it smells like Cuba blue (which smells similar to chrome). it just has more powder and a little more freshness to it.

it stills smells great though!!!! if Chanel is your god when it comes to fragrances, then get this instead of chrome.

longevity is pretty decent as well as projections (DECENT).

That's all I've got to say. period.

6 out of 10, summer and spring fragrance (warm sunny clear blue days with nice breeze)
06th December, 2015

Luna Rossa by Prada

to me, this is the smell that will forever remind me of my graduation from Marine boot camp last year. this was my first fragrance that I bought as well as 212 for men, eros, and 1 million. this is the one, out of ALL OF THEM that everyone in the platoon wanted to wear on graduation and asked me for a spray, lol. now, on the the real review.

longevity: eh...honestly I noticed this doesnt last that long on me. personally, i think the most i pulled out of it was 4 hours? maybe 5. it feels watered down in the sense that i feel like that is as best as it can do, after about 6 hours of wear, i hardly noticed it.

projection: projection isnt bad honestly. people can smell you for about 4 feet away and it leaves a great scent train.

occasion: personally, i think this is a great fragrance for the summer, during a nice casual festivity. a simple date (walk in the park, trip to the carnival, or the movies; stuff like that).

ages:16 to 35(depending, in my personal opsionion, your personality and use as well as what your wearing).

this is the fragrance for the mature youth out there.

7 and a half out of 10!
06th December, 2015

A*Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler

I am going to update this review on this fragrance later on, as I just bought this today in the cologne section of Belk at the mall. Now...I have owned pure havane, the original Angel Men, and now Pure Malt. The reason I am (FOR NOW) neutral is because this seems to be just a lighter version of Angel Men original. Personally, I think the original is the better version.

I've smelled the others and I think, because of the prices, only Pure Havane and the original are worth buying. DO NOT GET ME WRONG! THIS STUFF SMELLS GREAT! However, I have a preference for my winter fragrances. A strong preference. That m cologne for winter or fall has to be STRONG and long lasting. This meets those requirements but just isn't quite what i consider perfect.

i...cant say i REGRET buying this but i just kind of think you should try it. IT IS A DEFINITE BUY!! BUT only if you have the spare cash. if you're a collector, this needs to be in your cashe, but dont break the bank, lol.

Overall, I give this baby a 8 and a half out of 10. I will update my review later.
06th December, 2015

Exceptional Because You Are for Men by Exceptional

It' I got a few sample of this whenI ordered from fragrance net and I personally like it. I've gotten quite a few complements on it and it's really a good everyday fragrance.

When: summer time during the day

Where: office, class, anywhere; it's a pretty versatile fragrance

Age: any but I can see a college kid wearing this as a regular

Longevity: I got 4-6 hours on an average day I got 5

projection:'s okay. Get what you pray for.

Scent: on a scale of 1-10 it's a 6 maybe a 7 at best. Nothing special.

Personally: I like it. It's sweet but can be a little too sweet sometimes. Nevertheless, I'd keep it in my collection.
27th February, 2013

Cuba Gold by Cuba Paris

Wore this for my birthday yesterday (didn't do anything too special). It was...great! It definitely smells like Le Male, only better without that stupid lavender note. The only time lavender and vanilla mixed well together is when fabreeze dis it!

LONGEVITY: eh...4-6 hours. Depending on your skin and all that.

PROJECTION: good until 2nd to 3rd hour.

SMELL: absolutely GREAT! It's really great for the price. If you want to not join the Le Male bandwagon club, get this. This came out BEFORE le Male, lol.

I'LL TELL YOU THIS: buy both (Le Male and gold). Depending on what your wallet can pump out, buy le Male in the biggest bottle you can afford. Save it only for specially times. But 2-3 3.4oz bottles of gold and wear those everyday or whenever you so please. Why: le Male is fore strength, projection and longevity. Gold is for everyday use and le Male isn't appropriate for everyday. Gotta end it here.
27th February, 2013

cK one Shock for Him by Calvin Klein

Well, well, well :) I see people are coming around to ththisfragrance. It's a good thing too because, it's simple, this is a work of art. I saw a review that stated that the bottle design was ugly. I mist disagree. I like it, personally. It reminds me of my favorite holiday: Halloween. When I smell this, I think of Halloween and I feel Halloween. The name is fitting; I feel shocked when I smell this and it energizes me and puts me in a confident and romantic state of mind.

WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE: cherries, vanilla, tobacco (all three blended ABSOLUTELYPERFECTLY TOGETHER)
PROJECTION: strong until the 3rd hour
LONGEVITY: I've pulled 14 hours out of it ONE TIME but most of the time its 4-5 hours
05th February, 2013

Exceptional Because You Are by Exceptional

It' I got a few sample of this whenI ordered from fragrance net and I personally like it. I've gotten quite a few complements on it and it's really a good everyday fragrance.

When: summer time during the day

Where: office, class, anywhere; it's a pretty versatile fragrance

Age: any but I can see a college kid wearing this as a regular

Longevity: I got 4-6 hours on an average day I got 5

projection:'s okay. Get what you pray for.

Scent: on a scale of 1-10 it's a 6 maybe a 7 at best. Nothing special.

Personally: I like it. It's sweet but can be a little too sweet sometimes. Nevertheless, I'd keep it in my collection.
16th December, 2012

The Dreamer by Versace

I wish they had a "varies" option instead of just the three: neutral, thumbs down an thumbs up. I get so many mixed feelings with this.

First week: I couldn't stop sniffing the sprayer of my hand!! It smelled so so soooo amazing!! But....

The week after: it changed! Sort of...I guess. It started to resemble the aroma of cat urine. Sometimes even spit :/

And then it changes up again! Anyway...the drydown is pretty impressive. Nice, soft, and flowery in a manly way.

What it reminds me of: it depends. This fragrance is so sophisticated and so technical. There's no doubt that this is the Rolls Royce of versace fragrances and perhaps even fresh fragrances period.



I'd choose A*men first but dreamer as an absolute second; there will be nothing that takes the spot of dreamer. If dreamer had vanilla, it'd be first. But who cares :) dreamer is AWESOME!! I could go on and on but...I'll just say that the dreamer is like that girlfriend who had back in high school that was always sweet and gentle...but when she got mad...she would get you back in a crazy way. GREAT FRAGRANCE!!
10th December, 2012
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Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne

Honestly...I like this one. I can see why it's considered a classic; a keeper for the collection on my shelf. Assoon as I spray it, I don't get a giant burst out alcohol like a*men or many other fragrances.

what comes to mind when I wear this: gold. If gold (14kg) had a smell, it'd be this. Although, soon it well turn into a nice green, mossy kind of fragrance. when it does, I think of fresh wet forest in the early spring in the morning with that perfect morning sun rising.

I really only like this and curve crush. The others aren't impressive or cool. The others are good for starter Cologne buyers.
10th December, 2012

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

All I have to say is that I hate my bottle...simply because it's not a 3.4oz! I wish I had a bigger bottle! Only have 1.7oz. But, it's my favorite Cologne. Took some time to grow on me (1 minute approximately; spent it trying to figure out how to spray it good). I love wearing this stuff. There's something about it that just makes me feel sexy lol. Great for dates though.

When I first received it, I was ABSOLUTELY SCARED to wear it because of the reviews talking about how powerful it is. But if you just suck it up, waste about 2 sprays, find a nice, warm, dry, clean spot, and spray it, you'll be amazed ! Yeah yeah yeah, many people might not like the tar note or burnt rubber note, but I just so happen to adorn those notes! It brings the man out of this sweet fragrance!

LEGALITY: most i ever got was 15 and a half hours. Least was seven.
PROJECTION: can't really tell you for sure but you can ask the people who smell me from across the room in the winter
05th December, 2012 (last edited: 12th February, 2013)

Curve Crush for Men by Liz Claiborne

Honestly...I really enjoyed this one when I was in high school in my sophomore year. The ladies loved it! I recently got a batch again and it smells a little different to me (perhaps it is just because of the evolution my nose went through when concerning fragrances). Nevertheless, it's still enjoyable. I will pick up another bottle and hopefully this one will be fresher than the one I currently own.

Longevity and projection are a mystery; I can't recall how long it lasted or if people could smell me for miles or not lol. The bottle I have doesn't seem well taken care of by the people I bought it from.

Great fragrance for everyday use! even good for those dates. It sure worked when I was on a date back in high school. Sense then, la male and a*men have taken over but...I'm looking for my roots and I gotta start with this :) so...I'll be picking up a fresh batch soon!
05th December, 2012

Cuba Blue by Cuba Paris

It's an almost exact copy of chrome. Only this one is a little stronger; smells great and all me, sometimes, it smells like lettuce. Both this and chrome. That's just my opinion.
05th December, 2012

Nautica Classic by Nautica

I like it. It's a true aquatic (duhhh it's called nautica lol). Perfect for everyday use or when you don't wanna use your good stuff I suppose. Good for any age really. Nautica Blue is better and lighter.
05th December, 2012

Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace's okay. Nothing spectacular. Great for play time in my opinion. Pour homme by versace would be a better choice if you ask me. I like the sour apple smell but, I wouldn't buy a 3.4oz. Great looking bottle design but...the juice is okay...just ...okay.
05th December, 2012