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Reviews by TheOldMonk

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Bois d'Ombrie by Eau d'Italie

I live in Dallas and have the luxury of being down the street from Lafco. The sell tons of fragrances, including the entire Eud De Italie line. I spritzed d'Ombre on one wrist, and du doge on the other. Walked around a an hour or so, asking a few women which one they liked best. Basically it was neck and neck. And I went and bought the Ombie. BIG mistake in the end. I started referring to it as "Chick repellant". It dried down so peppery and spicy. It was as if I farted. The girls I worked with made fun of me everyday I wore it. And I felt I needs to because it was not cheap. The Italie line is cool and the bottles are awesome, but next time I'd go for the Doge instead. It was sweeter and not as peppery as Ombrie.
12th December, 2012