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Lys Fume by Tom Ford

Very pretty opening with a plasticky note that I love in SL Bas de Soie. Strong lily and then...buttery caramel popcorn. This is common in Tom Fords. A queasy mixture of gourmand elements and larger-than-life lilies.
28th December, 2012

Rivertown Road : Absolute Pour Homme by Soivohle (Liz Zorn)

Strong lavender open, then sunny and slightly herbal. Masculine, mellow, spicym and very slightly sweet. Smells like a golden yellow mythical fruit.
19th December, 2012

Lilacs & Heliotrope by Soivohle (Liz Zorn)

Lots of powdery cherry almond heliotrope going on, quite sweet. Would smell gourmand except it's also quite floral. On fabric I can smell lilac blooms, but on my skin it drys down to heliotrope and benzoin, no flowers. Pretty.
16th December, 2012
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Alpha Musc by Soivohle (Liz Zorn)

Opens skanky and animalic and a little off. I just love it. Drydown smells like a temple in which incense was burnt recently and which was also recently full of people, some of whom hadn't bathed. Slightly smoky, but in a no longer on fire kind of way. Like incense that's gone out. I'd love to layer this with Miel de Bois, though I'd probably be chased by wild animals.
14th December, 2012 (last edited: 19th December, 2012)

Cumberland Ti by Soivohle (Liz Zorn)

Beautiful opening of sweetened black mint tea. Very herby--becomes sweeter and teaier after 15 min, but retains a trace of mint into the drydown. Very sweet, verging on too sweet for about half an hour, but then the going is good. Really exceptional longevity, like many of the Soivohle fragrances. The drydown reminds me of chinese salty plums, for some reason: licorice and salt. Smells quite a bit like Ava Luxe Moroccan Mint tea, but richer. A bit like AG Duel, but less lemony and not at all smoky.
14th December, 2012