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English Leather by Dana

This is based on the English Leather after shave or cologne of 1976, whatever an awkward teenager would borrow from his older brother for his first semi-formal dance.

I was the awkward kid's dance partner, and I remember snuggling my head onto the lapel of his suit and smelling sandalwood and something else comfortable and mossy that made me want to keep my head there all night. It might have made me think of a library in an old house - leather and pipe tobacco? I don't remember any citrus notes. According to other kids he told later, I kept saying he smelled good, then sneezing.

Since I was awkward too, we both just waved goodbye, and that was the end of things. The smell of his suit still makes me happy after 36 years. It's just now occurring to me that maybe he never put on the English Leather himself. Maybe he borrowed the suit from his big brother, and I was just getting the leftover scent from the week before.
19th December, 2012