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Freshman by Truefitt & Hill

Sweet and Vanillery(is that a word?).
Mid strength, leaves a soapy scent when the initial scent dies down, smells cleanly and not too overpowering.
My go to scent if im looking to smell fresh but not too sleazy(i have a problem smelling sleazy).
21st December, 2012

Black XS by Paco Rabanne

Sporty and fresh, quite sweet but dulls down after an hour or so. Decent clubbing scent as it masks the stank of sweat quite well til the early hours. Does get a little sickly after months of use.
21st December, 2012

Spanish Leather by Truefitt & Hill

Best on the market as far as my nostrils go.
"Reminds me of a stronger Sex Appeal" ha ha, thats a good start.
Fresh leather with hints of citrus and base notes of cedar, a long lasting scent that always seems to get raised eyebrows and compliments where-ever I wear it. Lasts up to 5-6 hours, quite strong to begin with, but a good eye - opener on the lazy tube trip to work.
21st December, 2012
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Spanish Leather by Geo F Trumper

Well maintained recipe, i can easily imagine this type of scent in the streets of early 20th century London.
Mid strength with the scent vapour lastin 2-3 hours, long enough until freshening up at lunch.
Authentic, "new car" leather smell that fades to a more subtle "10 year old leather jacket" scent after half an hour or so.
21st December, 2012

West Indian Limes by Truefitt & Hill

Reminds me of hospital cleaner.
Im sure they have updated their recipe in the last 10 years as the scent has changed demonstrably.
Strong, sweet citrus scent - lasts way too long, scared off many a female companion, before I even had the chance to scare them by talking.
21st December, 2012

Clubman by Truefitt & Hill

Soft light fragrance, that lasts me from the shower until about 11am.
Almondy and sweet midtones, with a hint of mint initially, that quickly fades.
Bright and sporty, a modern fragrance from an old, old source.
21st December, 2012