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Ibiza by Playboy

This fragrance can be rather cloying and heady when too much is applied. Overall, the smell is clean, reminiscent of salt water. Nothing to write home about. As a generic cologne, it seems like it would work well for daily wear during the summer. Not a staple fragrance by any means.
01st January, 2013

Playboy VIP for Him by Playboy

The smell starts off with a hint of bergamot overpowered by the rum. I didn't even notice the middle notes. It went straight to the base notes, smelling not so much like white chocolate as a sickly-sweet creme brule. Very heady and overpowering. Drove me to wash it off of my wrists to help the headache die down.

The only reason I give it a neutral is that it has a decent longevity.

On a personal note, it's somewhat nostalgic as it smells very similar to Cuba, for which I have always had a bit of fondness. However, it is significantly headier than the aforementioned fragrance, and one would be better suited to dish out $6-$8 on a bottle of Cuba than $15 on this scent.
31st December, 2012

Nautica Competition (new) by Nautica

The only reason I purchased this was because my girlfriend at the time liked it. I think she was just tired of waiting around while I went through the various colognes being offered at the mall...

I have a slight bit left now, and taking a whiff of it, I'm reminded of the dismal smell of this cologne. It's a dark, bitter olfactory assault that ultimately won the honor of making my gym bag smell marginally better. I agree wholeheartedly with the previous reviews.
30th December, 2012
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