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RED + MA by Blood Concept

Bizarre! a cold metallic scent that would only remind someone of a scene in a horror movie. it has a dentist/mouth filling quality to it in the worst sense possible. Not something that I could even tolerate for more than a second without a feeling that nausea would set in.
16th July, 2014

Al Oudh by L'Artisan Parfumeur

The bees knees! Nice, warm, woody, eastern and slightly 'sweaty'.
22nd December, 2013

Dahn Al Oudh Lujain by Ajmal

Very nice Oud, like most, needs to be smelt before purchase. Starts of very sharp and then mellows nicely.
22nd December, 2013
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SE1 by Bex London

Really get nothing more than the lemons and oranges for about 8 hours on my skin. Ok if you like that sort of stuff.
07th April, 2013

Cèdre by Serge Lutens

I first got a whiff of Cedre on a trip to London. I'd sprayed about 6 fragrances all the way up both arms and this one stood out as exceptional. Most people that do not like it think it has been given the wrong name, if you are expecting cedar / woody smell, look elsewhere.

On my skin this is a very sweet sherbet / apple fragrance that settles into a sweet amber musk. A pleasure to wear form the opening to the dry down. Lasts at least 12 hours on me.
06th February, 2013

Méharées by L'Erbolario

Truly amazing stuff. First, I've sampled Musc Ravageur 4 times and Meharees in my opinion is superior (but very similar). Sweet and slightly syrupy to begin with but then settles down into the warmest closest skin scent I own. Always gets comments about how clean / soapy it smells. I don't get any soap, just an incredibly well blended musK that punches way above its weight. Lasts at least 14+ hours on me with 4 squirts. It's also one of those scents which is good to fall asleep to. In my top 3 of all time and is an absolute bargain per ml.
06th January, 2013

Musk Ghazelle by Ajmal

Managed to recently acquire 6ml of this fragrance. I was expecting an earthy, animalic scent with some sweetness and it did initially shock me how sweet this was (almost synthetic). However, after a few 'full' wears, this is exceptional stuff. This is very much the sweeter musk with exceptional longevity, I could smell it 3 days later on a t-shirt. Very warm and comforting, staying close to the skin and occasionally sending up an amazing waft. Did get a little rash around my neck so just apply it a little lower with no problems.

Think of a milder sherbet to begin with and then a warmer subtle sweetness after an hour or so.
06th January, 2013

Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens

Imagine the film Jumanji where the floor boards begin to shake and the books begin to fall off the shelves. However, instead of running away from the stampede of rhinos, lions, giraffes and other wild African animals you get completely trampled on but somehow stay alive. Like a phoenix, you rise up, chest out and triumphant. The aroma from Muscs Koublai Khan is the above experience on my skin.

Unique, special, intriguing and worth owning. Every fragrance collection should have a wild / animal one and this is almost literally, the 'mutts nuts'.
06th January, 2013