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Boss Orange Man by Hugo Boss

As soon as I had applied Orange, the very first scent I began to pick up was one of just straight alcohol, very similar to isopropyl, and very unsettling. Immediately, I considered washing it off, but I decided to let it dry to see if the alcohol "notes" began to die down. Five minutes later I was expecting to pick up on the red apple note, if even for just a second. Alas, what the scent had turned into was something more along the lines of a cheap spiced rum, something sickeningly sweet, what you might expect from your high school days of drinking shitty drive-thru liquor your older brother bought for you. An hour later, the fragrance was almost undetectable sans a faint spicy note from what I presume to be the Szechuan pepper. Overall, a disappointment from Boss.
14th January, 2013