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Shalimar by Guerlain

First try of Shalimar...

...there it sat on my skin. The flagship of Guerlain. The first spritz is very lemony of course, but you also get a sniff of cedar which reminds a bit of church pews and old fur coats. I knew at the first whisp this was a great Old World Perfume. A legend. History.
The hesperidics are quite elusive and the scent changes remarkably into smoky vanilla. I don't get that much flowers. The smokiness makes me think of a Walpurgis Night bonfire. Shalimar has an aura of wisdom, of a significant other. It's one of the few perfumes that really make my mind wander. True dramatic beauty.
Who knows what the vintage version was like, but even the reformulation is aweinspiring. Luca Turin said, Shalimar makes 80% of todays fragrances appear trivial.
Of course I now own a bottle. And what a timeless beauty that bottle is, don't you think? When did blue and yellow ever look that good together?

I'd dare say: Greatest perfume of all times! Too special for me to wear it every day, but good to know I have it!
10th February, 2013