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Gucci by Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

Sorry to say it: this is one of the most... let's say... modest frag in my collection. Must I add that it is there because I received it as gift, from a friend who don't excell in knowing me?
Quite unimpressive. A more-than-ordinary male-perfume lover will be disappointed. A I was.
Overall, a 5,5/10
13th February, 2013

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

There are few juices who are quasi-immortal, a kind of "living classics" - and DN is one of them.
DN is a frag of his time - it smells, it sounds, it moves like the 80s. For the perfume lover, DN will remain a constant benchmark - but not necesarily an everyday odor. From time to time, you will remember it; you know it is here, close to you, as it allways was in your contemporary personal history.
In this bottle, both coriander & juniper makes the difference, and the moment of his glory arrives in the drydown, after one hour and a half. The rest is, as I said, history.
Overall, a deserved 8,3/10.
29th January, 2013

Havana by Aramis

A gentle touch of spicy tobacco and grapefruit.
IMO this is the 3rd hit from this house - afler the good old Aramis (1st) and Tuscanny (2nd).
Ageless and classic, for all the seasons you can imagine for yourself.
A well deserved 8,7/10.
27th January, 2013
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Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

I just cannot imagine the very existence of a perfume lover (not to mention a collector) who does not appreciate that gem! A truly classic!
Pineapple on top, honey and patchouli for the rest of your day. The 80s gave us good rock music, a happy end in the Cold War and... another very precious juice, nowadays at a ridicolous price! Enjoy with no efforts on the trigger: three shots - neck/left side, chest and wrist - will certainly signal your presence everywhere. (And SHE will smile at you!)
A must have & must try. Overall, a genuine 8,5/10
18th January, 2013

Adidas Adventure by Adidas

So far, the best from that house.
Hard to find (is it still in production?!).
Overall, 8/10
13th January, 2013