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Balsamo della Mecca/ Mecca Balsam by La Via del Profumo

Tall, dark and soulful

This one is an experience rather than a list of notes. Warm and comforting, this is a scent I reach for when it's been a long day or promises to be one. It wraps me up. To be honest if scents can have a soul then I think this one has the soul of a healer. A sexy healer! I would totally go to bed with this perfume- and have. Wait am I getting off-topic? I might add I've been dab dabbing this frag from my small sample bottle so it might be a bit different sprayed. When I run out it is going on my full bottle list. Lasts all day, or all night.

Pros: warm, enduring and strangely compassionate

18th July, 2013

No. 23 by Ava Luxe


This is a smooth and lovely sandalwood with just enough florals to elevate it into something else entirely. There's something like...lavender?..that cools the whole mix. It's like a fresh breeze on a warm day- I love it! I didn't think it had much sillage, but a friend who made me swear I'd never buy Tam Dao (she's claimed it as her signature scent) nearly ripped into me when she smelt No. 23 on me from metres away. Luckily I had the bottle on me :) I can't say I've smelt Tam Dao when it was good- as now it has barely a ghost of scent- but No. 23 will more than suffice, and it's way more affordable! This scent really clings to fabric too, so if you want to get extra mileage, spray it on collars and cuffs. On my skin it will last at least 4 hours. I'm really not looking forward to it running out. Oh and I have the EDP. Does anyone have any experience with the oil? How does it compare?

Pros: Wearable anywhere, happiness making
Cons: Small bottle!"

17th July, 2013

Green Tara by Ava Luxe

Goddess worthy

My first impression was woah, incense headshop anyone? but I suspect that was because I'd just indulged in the cool loveliness on Ava Luxe's No. 23 and Green Tara needs to stand alone. After three days of consecutive wear I adore this scent. There is an initial burst of bright creamy woods, which gives way to a floral musk with a peppery, spicy edge that's almost edible. Actually the woods continue to float in the background but it's as if each element makes room for the next, leaving an impression of a rich scent that never feels heavy or overdone. It's incredibly sensual and warm which seems appropriate for something aligned with the feminine side of buddhism. I might add it's also garnered more compliments than many of my more expensive perfumes. Sillage seems low to average, which suits me and it seems to linger all day on my skin. I thoroughly recommend it.

Pros: Deeply happy scent with a lot of mileage

23rd June, 2013
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