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    Rochas Man by Rochas

    This was a blind buy after reading reviews, as i was looking for a new gourmand fragrance to wear casually.

    At first it came off abit feminine and the top is super sweet. However, after about 2 mins of this settling after being sprayed, it turns into a amazing moca, vanilla, strawberry shortcake type sent with chocolate in the drydown. Amazing...

    I wear this to school and casuaully and it smells really nice!

    Thumbs up all the way.

    25th March, 2013


    Black XS by Paco Rabanne

    This is quite a nice smell, its just the strawberry in this is just so sickly and would have to smell it alot more to decide whether i would wear this?

    19th February, 2013


    Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

    I smelt this today after reading alot of reviews about it and..

    I was delighted :D

    As its got alot of vanilla (I LOVE VANILLA) i did adore the smell; but it did come of as abit sweet, maybe abit too sweet?

    Also, i got abit of cherry from this? Anyone else get that or is this just me? cos i was getting some cherry and alot of vanilla on the dry down?

    Anyway, even tho it is quite sweet, i am pretty sure i will pick up a bottle of this soon.

    19th February, 2013


    1 Million by Paco Rabanne

    When i first got my nose on 1 million, it was ok..

    Second try and err, it was just way too sweet.

    Im going neutral on this fragrance mainly cos i dont completely hate as it didnt offend me, but dont really think i would want to wear it.


    19th February, 2013


    Cool Water by Davidoff

    Love this stuff, my sig scent.

    I can understand that some people might think this stuff smells like laundry detergent etc.

    But i love the clean, fresh scent i get from this, such a pleasant smell i wouldnt mind having under my nose all day!

    Thumbs up from me!

    19th February, 2013


    A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

    I love the dry down as the chocolate, caramel etc is so tasty and warm and i would love to wear this fragrance on a cold day. However, i cant bring myself to wear this scent because of that horrible TAR. when i sprayed this on my skin, that tar note made me feel sick. Something about that smell that i just couldnt bare to smell.

    So, unfortunately i cant wear this because the top is something i personally dont want to smell, and i wouldnt want people to smell me like that either.

    But, this doesnt stop this from being a great fragrance as its got one of the best dry downs ive ever smelt.

    19th February, 2013

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