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Chrome by Azzaro

Aquatic with a metallic tinge

A typical "fresh" aquatic fragrance. The metallic undertone gives it a mildly interesting twist, but all in all it's pretty standard fare as far as aquatic fragrances go. Lasts a good 5-7 hours and is a safe crowd pleaser for sure.

Although it doesn't have the same impact on me that it used to, I personally have a strong feeling of nostalgia attached to this scent, as this was my first and only fragrance for a good 2 years, as well as my workhorse, everyday scent throughout all of college. For a high school or college student looking for a safe starter scent on a budget, you could definitely do much worse than this.

24th May, 2013

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

A manly man's scent

An interesting scent, it's hard for me to describe notes, apart from a general floral feeling that I attach to this scent. I don't quite get the gasoline/petrol notes that others do, but I do get the uber masculine vibe that is often attached to this scent.. I have had a close female friend describe this as "manly, super manly....the essence of man scent. Like...'Me Tarzan, you Jane' manly," which fits the bill pretty well, I think. Even though I personally like the scent, it is immediately clear to me why this is a hit or miss, love or hate fragrance, though - the gasoline note that many seem to pick up can be an obvious turn off. There are definitely days where I find this scent to be a little overwhelming, or a "bit too much", so to speak. Safety is definitely not the word of the day when it comes to Fahrenheit; it's much more suited for a night out or the gym than a work setting, in my opinion.

Projection is fantastic - 2-3 sprays is plenty for me. Seems to last forever too, easily get 7+ hours of out it. Have received compliments on this before as well. Overall I find it to be a very bold, masculine scent - great for lifting weights and wrestling bears.

24th May, 2013

Aventus by Creed

Fruity, smoky masterpiece

One of the most hyped (and anti-hyped) fragrances around these parts, I find myself pretty squarely in the lovers category of this scent. As far as the notes go, the two notes that everyone immediately gravitates towards - the pineapple and the smoke - are the attention grabbers, and I find them to be very appealing and well put together. Unlike many of the popular Creeds (and despite the fruity top), this is not a unisex scent - I get a faint leather underneath the smoke and fruit which adds to the overwhelming masculinity of this scent.

Where Aventus really shines is performance. Simply put, this is a projection monster; I have received comments along the lines of "running into a brick wall" and "I could tell you were in the room from the moment I opened the door" from multiple coworkers with just 3-4 sprays applied 30 minutes earlier. There is definitely a fine line between just the right amount and a "brick wall", so to speak. My experience has been to err on the conservative side for this one, which is unusual for Creeds, but definitely welcome given the price! Longevity has been excellent for me as well; easily lasts 6-8 hours on my skin and sometimes into the next day. Versatility is unmatched - cold weather, hot weather, work, gym, out with friends, Aventus works in pretty much any situation.

The stories of this fragrance's compliment garnering powering have reached somewhat mythical status, but it's hard for me to say anything contradictory when I receive more unsolicited, "strangers stopping in their tracks to ask me what I'm wearing" compliments with this one than the rest of my collection combined. I initially purchased this because my closest female friend called it "the most heavenly thing she had ever smelled", and have even had a "brick wall" comment immediately followed up with "this is the best smelling brick wall ever". If you are looking for a Creed that gets compliments, look no further.

Overall, I find the scent to be great but slightly below the best Creeds; however, in terms of performance and compliments Aventus is such a powerhouse that I find myself reaching for it more than anything else in my collection at the moment.

24th May, 2013
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Millésime Impérial by Creed

Beautiful sea breeze that fades rather quickly, sadly.

I have actually done something of a full 180 on this - the first time I smelled it I thought it was absolutely horrid, just a harsh saltwater and little else. I did give it a few more tries, and have come to the conclusion that my first experience may have been an example of those notorious Creed batch variations - I did eventually end sampling "good" batches where the lovely melon and floral notes are in perfect balance with the salt. The top appears to be more melon + salt, before eventually giving way to the floral notes in the dry down. The salt gives it a nice, semi-masculine twist, which gives an overall impression of a cool sea breeze. MI is a very safe scent compared to many other Creeds, so if you're looking for a compliment getter it's a good place to start. I have had a supervisor at work tell me it was "the best thing she had ever smelled in her life."

MI is a more subtle scent in terms of projection - definitely noticeable in close range, but not so much beyond a few feet. I personally feel that this restraint suits the scent perfectly. Unfortunately, when it comes to MI's well documented longevity issues, I have little to say except that it does fade very quickly - top notes are gone within an hour and the whole thing barely last 3 hours on my skin. I have yet to wear it out in hot weather though (and I live in Texas, where it gets hot and stays hot for a long time!), and this is most commonly billed a "summer scent", so I am still holding out hope for better performance on my skin in the future.

Although the longevity issues do detract from this other fantastic scent somewhat, it is still a winner in my book. Probably not worth retail price, but definitely bottle worthy if you can find a legitimate one at a reasonably discounted price.

24th May, 2013

Burberry London for Men by Burberry

As many others have said, fantastic scent with so-so projection and poor longevity. Scent is pretty much Christmas in a bottle - a woody (pine), tobacco scent that is especially great for colder weather. 10/10 for scent.

Unfortunately the projection isn't the best, and the longevity is downright bad - pretty much disappears within an hour or two. Really a shame given how lovely the scent is, but the only way to get any real mileage out of the scent is to reapply 5 or 6 times a day. Thumbs up for the scent, neutral on projection, thumbs down on everything taken together I'll go down the middle on this one.

If they ever make even a 4-6 hour version with better projection, it'll be a thumbs way up.
30th March, 2013

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

I'll never forget the first time I sampled this at Neiman's - the colognes I'd been using/sampling before were in the "Chrome/Curve/ADG" class and generally topped out at "well, that smells nice, I guess", and I was immensely skeptical that any fragrance could be worth the frankly ridiculous prices that Creeds and other high end frags go for. However, a spritz on the wrist, a sniff, and....I don't there are really words for what I felt. It hooked me so strongly right from the first spray that I didn't even bother sampling anything else for fear of ruining it, and spent the whole evening sniffing my wrist every 15 minutes, looking like a complete idiot (but I'd still do it again!).

A few months later, after biting the bullet and purchasing a bottle, I can confidently say that GIT has been worth every penny and then some. There's not much that hasn't been said in terms of how GIT smells - fresh, green, clean, crisp, and any other number of similar adjectives which are all accurate but don't remotely add up to describing the final product. It really is too layered and complex for words like "green" and "fresh" to capture the essence of how it smells. All I can say is find your nearest Neiman's/Saks and try it out yourself!

Projection is great - my coworkers have noticed this fragrance on multiple occasions, and I work in an environment which sometimes reaches hundreds of people in reasonably close proximity and god knows how many competing smells. I don't what is considered good longevity, but I still get traces of this 6-7 hours later, which is good enough for me.

I've sampled many of the other well known Creeds - Aventus is a close second and probably better if you want compliments - and started branching out into other famous/well-known niche fragrance designers, but to date nothing has managed to knock my socks off and bedazzle me in quite the way that GIT did my first time around (and still continues to do!). If I had one complaint, it would be that the atomizer sprays way too much fragrance with a full depression - as much as I'd like to go with the "more is better" approach, I think half-sprays per body region (wrist/neck/chest/etc.) are better, both for saving the juice and to avoid overdoing things.

10/10, 5 stars, A+, an absolute keeper in my book!
22nd February, 2013 (last edited: 25th February, 2013)