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    Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle by Christian Dior


    Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle is a People Magnet.

    So If you don't like compliments, Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle might not be for you.

    I've never received as many same-day compliments for any other fragrance in my life.

    I quickly went through my quarter ounce mini and purchased the full size.

    "You smell like frosting! What is it? Where can I get that?," one lady complimented me, with a huge smile on her face. Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle is a vanilla bomb, with the vanilla being prevalent from the get-go, even though it's listed as a basenote.

    The vanilla IS "the frosting," gourmand effect.

    An hour later, my butcher moved in closely and said "You smell so good! Where can I get that for my wife?" He possibly could detect the fragrance due to excellent silage. The combination of orchid and orange blossom makes Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle a Silage Bomb. At the same time, green notes add levity and freshness. An hour later, as I passed by a little girl, she said to her mother "Ohhh, mommy, what is it? It smells so pretty, ohhh."

    And then there was the guy at the copier. He enquired three times as to what I was wearing and where he could purchase it. I repeated it three times. I finally had to write it down for him.

    But he didn't go away. He continued to hover.

    Pros: Longevity, Silage, Composition
    Cons: Mosquitos, Fruit Flies and Bees also love this

    30th June, 2013


    Tabac Blond by Caron

    Vintage Tabac Blond is Habit-Forming

    Tabac Blond is a Gasoline Blast going in. No mistake about it.

    From that addictive top-note aura on through the compelling nicotine of it's namesake, Tabac Blond spins a habit-forming distraction.

    Women started publicly smoking cigarettes shortly before1919. Ernest Daltroff created Tabac Blond as an elegant companion to their status symbol of tobacco.

    Vintage Tabac Blond's initial top-note blast subsides into a "marshmallow" note reminiscent of those in vintage Shalimar and L'Heure Bleue. Not a sweet, cloying marshmallow. Dry and woody, it recalls marshmallows roasted over an Autumn bonfire, with a slightly sharp edge. That could be due to the combination of leather and lime, with carnation lingering softly in the background.

    The projection seamlessly transitions into a refined, buttery leather. Towards the end of the topnotes, it's the flawless calfskin leather of an elegant lady's glove. Steady and mesmerizing, vintage Tabac Blond reaches its confident potential.

    The first six times I wore Tabac Blond I detected no tobacco. Or rather I detected only the "idea" of tobacco.

    But amazingly, during the seventh time, there it was.

    It wasn't a cigarette type of tobacco. Nor was it the tobacco of a curing barn.

    But rather I caught the heavenly scent of a faint and aromatic pipe tobacco, softly emanating from a wooden cabinet.

    Vanilla, Cedar and Patchouli lend Tabac Blond its perfect aromatic and spicy dry down.

    Pros: Unique, Refined, Complex
    Cons: None

    30th June, 2013


    Flowerbomb La Vie en Rose 2013 by Viktor & Rolf

    I haven't yet tried Viktor and Rolf's wildly popular Flowerbomb, so I didn't quite know what to expect the other day when I came across a Flowerbomb flanker, La Vie En Rose, (2013 edition).
    Perhaps it's my chemistry, but La Vie En Rose reminds me of a children's eau de toilette.
    Our grandmother always gave us the best perfume growing up, starting when we were four years old with the miniature bottles of Chanel she purchased from a colleague. She also gifted me with a small bottle of an Avon children's eau de toilette, housed in an orange bottle shaped like a tiny gabled tower. The fragrance in the tiny Avon tower reminds me of La Vie En Rose.
    La Vie En Rose opens with bergamot, mandarin, pink pepper and green tea. It quickly dissolves into a heart of lily of the valley, rose, sugared almond, rasberry and red forest berries. The base is patchouli, cashmere and amber.
    It's quite lovely and almost flawless, really.
    The only flaw being short silage and longevity on my skin, which after an hour renders it more as a body spray. So for that reason I rated La Vie En Rose as neutral. Otherwise, I would probably buy a bottle.

    09 April, 2013


    Flash by Jimmy Choo

    When I first saw Flash I didn't have high hopes.
    After all, I definitely don't like Jimmy Choo's first fragrance, out in 2012, the self-entitled Jimmy Choo.
    Also, I admit, I had a sort of bias since Jimmy Choo, well, designs shoes.
    But I absolutely love Flash. In part, because it's addictive and kind of intoxicating.
    And versatile.
    It could be considered a floral fragrance, with its beautiful middle notes of tuberose, jasmine and lily. Or perhaps it could be classified even as a floral-fruit sent because of top notes strawberry, tangerine and pink pepper. It smells slightly oriental to me, even though it doesn't have the vanilla or ambergris associated with many Orientals. Maybe it's the Blond woods in the base that lends that oriental hint. And it definitely comes through as a gourmand, because Flash's strawberry is like strawberry creme brulee, rich and decadent all throughout. Other strong points include better than average longevity and silage.

    08 April, 2013


    Live Colorfully by Kate Spade

    I always get a twinge of nostalgia when I catch the aroma of a white floral such as Live Colorfully by Kate Spade. Especially when such a scent has Mandarin in its opening.
    Mandarin, when combined with gardenia, creates the olfactory illusion-memory of orange blossom, the scent wafting through fluttering curtains on soft summer nights. Or the memories of tiny orange blossom colognes I bought as a child on tourist attraction road trips I took with my grandparents.
    The mandarin doesn't last long in Live Colorfully. It quickly cuts to the chase, of middle notes of gardenia, coconut water, star anise and Tiare. The longevity is excellent and the silage average. The musk-vanilla drydown is unspectacular to me, as are the dyrdowns of most of the half dozen or more very similar gardenia scents which are out there.
    But if you don't currently own a good springtime-summer gardenia fragrance, Live Colorfully is as good as most.

    04 April, 2013


    The One Desire by Dolce & Gabbana

    I never met a D&G fragrance I didn't like. The One Desire is no exception.
    After first applying this beautiful scent, it took me about five minutes to realize the startling similarities between Desire and Cartier's now discontinued So Pretty.
    Where Desire has mandarin and bergamot in it's top notes with jasmine in the heart, So Pretty instead has these three identical notes on top. While So Pretty uses blackberry as a topnote, Desire uses instead plum nectar in its middle, which results in a very similar effect. Both rely upon Sandalwood and musk as a base. The drydown of Desire is heavenly, with soft caramel and vanilla. Longevity for me was exceptional, especially for a D&G. Like most D&G's, this was close to the skin for me.
    The One Desire is described in ad campaigns as a fragrance of Desire, Seduction and Strength.
    But it is not seductively beautiful. Rather, it's a classic beauty. But in a somewhat pristine, anesthetized way.

    04 April, 2013


    Pulp by Byredo

    Pulp is my favorite fruitl scent. I think it's the fig that makes it so unusual.
    Anyway, there's nothing to compare pulp with because there's nothing else like it.

    16 March, 2013


    Hawaiian Ruby Guava by Pacifica

    I bought Hawaiian Ruby Guava one dreary evening because it recalled instant memories of balmy breezes and Florida spring break.
    Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava is a fruit scent with sweet berry-like notes of Guava and citrus top notes of Pomelo with a coconut base. I can also detect, dare I say it, hemp? It's a faint, hemp-like smell all throughout to the dry-down at the very end. Hemp is not mentioned in the accord.
    "This scent was inspired by one of my favorite surf trips to Hawaii. The warm smell of coconut wax on our surfboards......the sweet scent of guavas from the tree in front of our house," said Pacifica founder Brook Harvey Taylor. Pacifica received an award this year for its Vegan-friendly perfumery.

    16 March, 2013


    Rêve De Grasse by Fragonard

    It took me 15 minutes after applying Reve De Grasse to figure out it's scent twin. This oriental floral is very similar to Red Door. The top and middle notes have the same Ylang-ylang heavy accord. I applied Reve De Grasse three hours before retiring. When I awakened eight hours later, the perfume was still going strong, but with a softer drydown very similar to a pre-formulation Joy drydown. Hence, the dry down was the most pleasant part of Reve De Grasse to me. Still not enough to make up for the Red Door effect.

    16 March, 2013


    White Flowers by Creed

    If you didn't like Laura Ashley1, Dilys or YSL Paris in the 90s, then you're not going to like this.
    It's as if someone put those 90s scents into a Waring blender and named the decant "White Flowers."
    I kept waiting........and waiting. And still waiting. But Creed White Flowers showed zero depth and variation on me. Apart from the transition from a brief stinky flower opening to the monotonous zone of a one-dimensional floral conglomerate, this fragrance was flatline. Too bad, because silage and longevity were above average, especially for a Creed.

    11th March, 2013


    Miss Dior Originale (previously Miss Dior) by Christian Dior

    This is about the vintage version of Miss Dior pure perfume, which is Extreme femininity and grace in a bottle.
    It's strength is an ability to conjure images of a simpler time, a time of bridge parties and hats and gloves on Easter Sunday, gardening among herbs and flowers wearing a dress.
    It evokes a memory when people didn't have to commute much, unrushed they Dressed to the Nines.
    Miss Dior is an elegant and simple Lady: well-manicured hands, hair curled in soft waves, soft-spoken and refined in speech. As spellbinding as freshly mowed lawns and a gardenia-strewn forest after a springtime rain. About memories spoken by mothers and grandmothers, never to return.
    The vintage version of Miss Dior is available online, at estate sales etc. in the formulas of extrait, perfume, cologne, eau de toilette, eau de parfum, powder and lotion. The vintage is available in everything from 1/8 ounce to two ounces for perfume. Unfortunately, the newer versions of this scent have remained mostly unrecognizable and generic. No pure perfume is available in the newer versions, or if it is it's almost impossible to find.

    02 March, 2013


    Angel by Thierry Mugler

    Men seem to love this fragrance while women I encounter have been known to tear-up and sneeze.
    On first opening this has a candy meets flower accord.
    I smell my grandma's bourbon chocolate candy and divinity competing with a lot of patchouli. Then it simmers down to pleasant vanilla competing with patchouli. Then the patchouli wins. The dry down smells amazingly of soft iris to me. The lotion is to my taste, the perfume being way too strong.

    02 March, 2013


    Histoire d'Amour by Aubusson

    I scored this unusual woody chypre purely by accident.
    I received the Histoire D'amour pure perfume miniature, created by Aubusson, merely as a free bonus to a mainstream, popular floral-fruity miniature I bought online, both for only $10.
    I'd never even heard of Histoire D'amour, and when I removed the very ornate, lalique-style bottle from the pouch, I first thought "hmmm....another old school scent." Which I certainly don't mind. After all, I love Bal a Versailles, L'Heure Bleue, vintage Miss Dior, just to name a few of the old school perfumes in their old-school-elegant-ornate bottles.
    But no old school here.
    Wow, it is far better than the popular floral-fruity perfume I originally purchased. When I tried it, my immediate thought was the now discontinued Mariella Burani's Mariella Burani, which I had received as a gift.
    The smokiness with which Histoire D'amour opens is probably due to the basil mixed with osmanthus and bergamot. All combined with mandarin, which I can't smell. Next, in the middle, I smell galbanum, ylang- ylang, jasmine and rose. Also included in the middle notes is narcissus and orange blossom, which I don't detect. The middle being the best part, it then dries down to patchouli, musk and oakmoss. But it's not an overwhelming, in-your-face patchouli.
    My skin absorbs scent like a sponge. So silage and longevity are not great with me.
    I couldn't find any Histoire D'amour lotion online or in stores with which to layer as a base. So I mixed five drops of Histoire D'amour with a small amount of unscented lotion before applying the perfume.
    This helped staying power considerably.

    02 March, 2013

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