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Uninhibited by Long Lost Perfume

I found a vintage bottle of Uninhibited in an antiques mall and had to try it. The juice was dark brown and it took a while to get the sprayer to work and when finally it did I was totally blown away! The first whiff was brutal, it smelled like port wine that had gone off, then wait...... the boozy sourness went away and all I could smell was burning raisins and I laughed wondering where the nearest rest room was..... but then there came some tobacco and maybe something floral???...... and then suddenly the whole thing melded into this glorious, warm, deep, rich, incensey, vanillic, dried fruit thing that had me putting my arm up to my nose for the rest of the afternoon. It had quite the sillage, and it was funny because it did remind me of Cher. I will be going back to that antiques mall to purchase that bottle - hope it's still there!
19th April, 2013

Vanille Intense by Nicolaï

This one opens with a HUGE head-clearing blast of camphorish spice that reminds me of men's aftershave. On me it has a little soapiness in the heart. It quickly moves into a very complex dry down that is both intensely incensey and spicy and also sweet, warm, dark, musky vanilla. It's like patchouli cinnamon bun incense. I've sampled this a few times now and did not get anything 'pissy' or stinky when I wore it as some of the other reviewers experienced - thank goodness :) But I do have to say that this fragrance definitely took some getting used to! I was not expecting it to be so assertive, but I really appreciate it's intensity, I love the way the fragrance notes are layered, how it evolves and changes, and I also like it's sillage. It's wonderfully invigorating, bracing even. It definitely woke me up! It would be a good unisex fragrance.

All in all, I don't love it, but I like it a lot and I think it has it's place as being unique, interesting, and NOT boring. Something to wear when I need to clear the cob-webs.
13th April, 2013

Vaniglia del Madagascar by I Profumi di Firenze

Vanilla ice cream with a light floral garnish. Very pretty, light, soft, warm, stays close to the skin.
31st March, 2013
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Pure Vanilla by Lavanila

I am in total agreement with the previous reviewer. For a relatively inexpensive fragrance, this is a very lovely, warm, spicy vanilla. On my skin the patchouli is not apparent and it has great longevity and sillage as well.
26th March, 2013

Vanille by Roger & Gallet

Fragrantica has these notes listed for this fragrance: top notes are mandarin orange, grapefruit, bergamot and orange; middle notes are orange blossom, lily-of-the-valley and tiare flower; base notes are sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla.

So, what I get initially is floral - big, big floral, and on me it's a little on the harsh, soapy side. I don't get any citrus at all, just white flowers until a few hours have passed and it starts to calm down and the base starts to show up as a soft woody, cool vanilla. Then poof! it's gone. I don't get any of the sandalwood or patchouli. It is fresh, it is something that would be good to wear on a hot day when you want to feel clean and cool - in fact there is something in this scent that is cooling and felt cool on my skin for a long, long time. I have read that other reviewers get a lot more citrus and vanilla out of this fragrance and I wish that I could say that I could detect the same, but my skin chemistry just isn't bringing it. In fact, when I first put this on I thought there had been a mistake because I could not smell any vanilla in it whatsoever - just major sharp floral notes. This is my impression after testing it a third time..... I am not overly enamored with this one - I prefer warmer scents - but will give it some more time to see if it can win me over.

25th March, 2013

Theorema by Fendi

I love you Theorema in all of your creamy, glorious spiciness..... alas, I am feeling unsatisfied. Our visits, though intense, are so very brief. I am jealous and envious of the others you choose to spend more time with. I can no longer live like this and must sadly bring our affair to an inevitable close.... sigh.....
18th March, 2013

Luctor et Emergo by People of the Labyrinths

This fragrance is lovely with my skin chemistry. I get the almondy cherry hit in the first 15 minutes of applying, then it turns warm, tobacco-like woody and vanillic. Very sensuous, a little sweet but not overly so. Every so often I'll get a little whiff of a floral, then a little cherry tobacco. At times it even seems a little chocolatey. Very nice. It does seem to last a good while and the sillage is on the soft to moderate side.
16th March, 2013