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Caldey Island Lavender by Caldey Abbey Perfumes

I have to admit I have only worn this one a few times - and yes, I bought it on the back of the Turin review.

The EDT came in a simple glass bottle with no atomiser. I don't like "dabbing" fragrances onto my skin so I decanted part of the contents into a new bottle with atomiser and use this to apply the scent.

The initial scent of lavender is the purest I have smelt - outside of a lavender field, of course. But its not that far from Caron's Pour un Homme. If you love lavender, like I do, then the first hour is great. It very quickly fades though - as lavender tends to.

At first I found this one hour of pleasure unsatisfactory - in terms of longevity. However, having worn a few times since I have come to enjoy the quiet musk dry down that is revealed after the lavender has diminished. It is very faint but lasts for six hours or more; occassional wafts of a gentle and sweet musk. The remnants of the lavender seem to sweeten the musk. I now look forward to this stage more than the initial lavender phase.

Apart from the initial top notes, this is a very subtle fragrance. It has low projection and intensity. The majority of the beautiful lavender is gone within an hour. However, what is left works very well for me. Only recommended for people who can enjoy skin scents. I will always keep a bottle in my fragrance collection.
30th March, 2014