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United Kingdom

Diesel Plus Plus by Diesel

Just wanted to point out, this is not discontinued. You can buy this scent in the U.K. in bargin price stores. I used to enjoy this scent when I was younger, brings back a lot of memories- it's milky, and oriental yet has a clean vibe. definitely aimed at a younger audience
24th April, 2013
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United Kingdom

Coromandel Eau de Toilette by Chanel

After finally taking roughly an hour in the small Brompton Road Boutique in Knightsbridge deciding which scent to get, I went with Bois des Iles on the day, but I was so torn it seemed perhaps an hour wasn't enough time to make a final decision (as much as I love bois des Iles).

I managed to get a sample Coromandel and got the SA to spray a card very heavily of it for me as I was already wearing BdI. Such a beautiful scent, initially undoubtedly feminine the florals dry down quite promptly and reveal a soft middle of amber, still holding on and blending smooth and masterfully into sandalwood and a vanilla. Which in my opinion smells equally as masculine.

This is such a great fragrance I'm hoping to make it my next purchase (after another hour of smelling all the Les Exclusifs range). It's very calming, yet elegant, unisex and complex. Sweet, smooth and relaxed may not be for everyone, but this is a scent you cannot ignore even just to try.
13th April, 2013