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Reviews by tiger wood

Total Reviews: 6

parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Avignon by Comme des Garçons

wow.fantastic. unisex? i don't see how but hey go for it ladies!! very deep,rich and complex. gourmands were my fave but do to this and gucci pour homme i am an incense lover!! just got my 95% full 1.7 oz bottle today in the mail for 68 bucks!! i need the 3.4 oz if they make it. anyway in the same realm as gph powered by at least 5 times. more incense, more cedar and more woods. very lovable scent especially for cool/cold weather. blind bought do to all the rave!!
07th April, 2013

Angéliques Sous La Pluie by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

a definate masculine the same ralms of gucci pour homme imo. this was produced in 2000 and gph 03, so their you go. gucci made it designer but if you like originals this is it!!
06th April, 2013

The One Sport by Dolce & Gabbana

run of the mill,poor longevity and projection. melon/musk scent thatis average at best. what makes it worst is that it comes from dolce&gabbana so we expect more. the whole one line has been less than average as all 3 have poor longevity..
05th April, 2013
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Pi by Givenchy

great contents and originality. drfinately masculine. very distinctive citrus/vanilla based frag that lasts a great while. one of the better designer orientals on the market..
04th April, 2013

360 Degrees White for Men by Perry Ellis

another great in the 360 line. very similiar to le male but a bit lighter,not as cloying. very unique in it's own right and another great in the 360 line!!
03rd April, 2013

360 Degrees Red for Men by Perry Ellis

i have 5 bottles. one of the greatest scents ever made. affordability and longevity as well as smell is fantastic. very aromatic/smooth classic american scent. better than acqua di gio with better longevity. the whole 360 line is top notch!!
03rd April, 2013