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Youth Dew by Estée Lauder

About fifteen years ago a lady passed me on the street and I caught a whiff of her perfume. I had to ask her what it was. It was Youth dew perfume. I was lucky enough a while later to be able to buy my first bottle of Youth Dew Perfume. I did try it on in the store first and I walked away to let the scent settle and I loved it. I kept inhaling it over and over. To this day I still absolutely love this fragrance. I recently bought the perfumed body crème and it is identical to the perfume and the crème is nice to wear too and softens my skin.

I love the different notes and at the end of the day the patchouli is prominent on me and I love it.

Sears had a promotion for free Estee Lauder products with my purchase. This is my second such promotion, and I am thrilled with the free products and make up bag. The products are not tiny sample sizes and I was able to chose either light or dark for the make up products, nice to have a choice.

I use to up until the last year use Tabu as my favourite perfume, I love the Youth Dew but Tabu was much more affordable for me. Well Tabu over the years changed their ingredients from natural to synthetic, so the scent was just slightly different but still recognizable as Tabu. Well it is now impossible to find even during the holidays. So Youth Dew is now the one I own, and the crème goes much further than the perfume and is ten dollars less, so I am a happy, happy lady.

I only like Tabu and Youth Dew, and in the old days, Tigress and one other one I cannot remember right now. I am not a fan of sweet perfumes and many if not most of them are sweet and many of them smell similar, none have tempted me to buy them.
21st April, 2013