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New York Musk by Bond No. 9

This one is hard to describe in normal terms.
It's sweet, and acidic, and fruity, and slightly-woody, and slightly-musky, and attractive, and medium-to-thick.

In the summer, it's overwhelming and in the winter, it balances to something that can be worn frequently (or everyday).

This would layer well with Brooklyn (Bond No. 9).
09th February, 2018

Jubilation XXV by Amouage

This is a very top-of-the-list fragrance. I only had a sample and wore it to church multiple weeks in a row. Each time, I was impressed by my own smell. The first time, I thought I was smelling someone else as the dry-down smells a lot different than the opening. Superior quality and performance. I will get more of this.
15th December, 2017

L'Homme Libre by Yves Saint Laurent

This is a very OK fragrance -- nothing special.
{yawn} It is safe for work, school, or church.

The fragrance is, however, memorable.
I only had a sample and wore this to my dad's funeral.
Now, I will never wear it again.
15th December, 2017
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Pasha by Cartier

This stuff smells like a hairy man driving on a hot day in a convertible after eating spicy middle-eastern food. It does it's own thing very well, but I'm not sure when I'd want to smell like that.
15th December, 2017

John Varvatos by John Varvatos

This one is in the same vibe with D&G The One -- where the smell is INCREDIBLE, but the performance is so poor, it's not worth the trouble.

I guess spraying it on clothing would do the trick, but that money could go to something else. It might be good to spray on the sheets as it is a very sexy smell -- you just might have to stop and spray twice.
15th December, 2017

New York Oud by Bond No. 9

I really love this fragrance and wear it when I know I'm going to spend a lot of money as (to me), it smells rich. It has a manly-rose scent with a Cartier-like vibe (like caraway or cumin (but not stinky b.o.)). It's very unique and I have only ever smelled this one on myself.
15th December, 2017

I Love New York for Mothers by Bond No. 9

I bought this for my wife, but I REALLY love it and am tempted to wear it myself. It is instant beast-mode and would probably layer with other fragrances if it wasn't so strong. If someone layered this with The Scent of Peace (for Him) they could be smelled two-days ahead of their arrival.
15th December, 2017

Success is the Essence of New York / Andy Warhol Success is a Job in New York by Bond No. 9

I don't get ANYTHING manly out of this fragrance. It smells like a super-rich old-lady that wears furs 24/7 and doesn't have your best interest at heart -- yes, Cruella de Vil. I'll give it another try, though.
15th December, 2017

Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren

What a wonderful, manly smell that seems as if it has fallen into a reformulation weakening. It should be as strong/over-powering and long-lasting as something like Aramis, but does not have much longevity. I will say this fragrance is no longer worth the effort.
15th December, 2017

H.O.T. Always by Bond No. 9

This is from my favorite fragrance house, but it smells like a mistake. It smells like old-people trying to "get-down" after cinnamon air-freshener was sprayed into a wet wooden bucket.

To me, it's in the same family as Musc Ravageur (Frederic Malle) where some people would get a COMPLETELY different vibe from it (and love it), but it's not for me -- neither is M.R.
15th December, 2017

Hamptons by Bond No. 9

I *super-love* this fragrance, but rarely wear it. It's very strong and a co-worker said it smells JUST like Earl Grey tea. That same co-worker picked it out EVERY time I wore it. It's full-bottle worthy if you like fragrances like this.
15th December, 2017

Great Jones by Bond No. 9

Super-dated fragrance that REALLY has an old-man vibe. Sprayed lightly -- it smells like a mistake. Sprayed heavily -- it smells like you're making a point. Confidence is the key with this one.
15th December, 2017

L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer

At first wearing, this gets the YUCK award. This smells like sweat and booty and NOT in a good way. I cannot imagine wearing this anywhere except to bed, but I would dream about needing a shower all night. 100% not for me. I'm glad I only got a decant.
15th December, 2017
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Eau de Cartier by Cartier

Super-safe work scent that would layer well with other fragrances -- especially other Cartier frags. This one doesn't have much personality, but when over-applied produced a captivating sillage (when I smelled it on a woman). This would be good for work, church, or school, but would not stand-out at a party.
15th December, 2017

Brooklyn by Bond No. 9

Super underrated fragrance that layers well with other fragrances (especially Riverside Drive). It's not too strong, but may be cloying if over-applied. It would probably work well with New York Musk or Montauk. I got my bottle from a YouTube fragrance reviewer who didn't like it.
15th December, 2017

Andy Warhol Montauk by Bond No. 9

This is a very bi-polar fragrance for me. Some days, it's the most beautiful grapefruit-like smell and other days, it smells like I'm wearing an unwashed t-shirt under my clothes or like I used my t-shirt to dry off after a shower, then actually wore the t-shirt.
15th December, 2017

A*Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler

This is the most overrated fragrance I own. I bought it because of the hype and paid full retail. It's a novelty fragrance that doesn't have much application in my everyday life. I could see wearing it on a Saturday or to a party, but not to work or church. Meh...
15th December, 2017

The Scent Of Peace For Him by Bond No. 9

Take Creed Aventus, make it double-strength and make it sweeter. I love this fragrance, but wear it sparingly. I get a strong vanilla out of it, but it's not listed in the notes. I could easily tire of it as multiple wearings would produce nasal fatigue. One spray will do the trick and four sprays will produce BEAST MODE (as I seem to commonly overspray this).
15th December, 2017

Shelter Island by Bond No. 9

This stuff is fantastic. It is definitely signature-scent-worthy. I don't imagine anyone else around using this scent, so it will be unique.

I might even purge my backup bottle of the signature scent for this.

It resembles a layering of Montauk and Signature.
03rd November, 2015

A*Men Pure Energy / A*Men Pure Shot by Thierry Mugler

I cannot speak for the longevity of this fragrance as I just now received my sample in the mail. At first spray, this juice has a horrible smell similar to a cologne/perfume a child would receive in a toy makeup kit from the 1970's.
Luckily, I only have a sample.
Gross, nasty, sickening opening.
It also smells like someone spilled cologne in an antique wooden drawer 40 years ago.
16th June, 2015

Eros by Versace

This can be used a clubbing scent in the same spirit as 1 Million, Le Male.
I cannot imagine a mature male using this in an office environment or at church as it would be too cloying.

It's not a BAD smell; it's just overwhelming and ever-present (like Axe).
Maybe it will burn itself out in a year.

I can imagine those under 26 or over 65 wearing this to "make the scene" in a club as they unnecessarily yell into your ear "CAN YOU SMELL MY COLOGNE?".
17th April, 2015

West Side by Bond No. 9

This has become my wife's signature scent.
I blind-bought this hoping I would like it.
We both sprayed it on and she said she REALLY liked it.
I thought it was too feminine, but could be worn casually by a male.

It is STRONG and could sometimes come off with a "grandma" vibe but with a modern twist. There is an undertone that smells similar to a pouch of chewing tobacco, but it's pleasant (which lends it to masculinity at times).

It's very unique and you'd be hard-pressed to run across someone else wearing this.
Wear this if you want to be NOTICED for your fragrance. My wife has received a tremendous amount of compliments from men, women and children when wearing West Side.

She used ½ of her 50ml bottle and I bought a 100ml bottle for her and took possession of the smaller bottle for myself.
17th April, 2015

Millésime Impérial by Creed

A fresh, slightly-citrus, slightly-salty, slightly-musky generic fragrance.
I would imagine those who like Bleu de Chanel or Bond No. 9 Wall Street would like this. They don't smell alike, but they're made in the same spirit.

My wife HATES this on me (as well as Himalaya and GIT).

I would have never purchased a bottle of this at the regular retail price.
Luckily, I got a tester bottle at a discount from a store.

I find that when I wear this, I either spray too much or not enough.
Also, if I don't spray enough, the smell goes by in waves (today, for instance).
If I spray too much, it's overwhelming for a while.

I like seeing the bottle on the shelf, but I'm not going to strain any muscle reaching for it.
17th April, 2015

I Love New York for Him by Bond No. 9

Ultra generic, common smell that can be used as an anytime-grab.
This one will probably not be anyone's favorite, but can be used anywhere at any time.

The longevity is great (like most Bond No. 9 fragrances).

This one feels like it should come in a plain wrapper with the words "Men's Cologne" on the label.
All of this is to say that Bond ALSO can provide a simple fragrance if that's what you're seeking.
05th April, 2015

Eau de New York by Bond No. 9

What a strange, unique scent!
This one smells fruity and gritty at the opening -- like wet cement in front of a fruit stand.
It lasts a decent amount of time (8 hours at last wearing) and can be worn year round (reducing the number of sprays for hot weather).
This is completely unisex and can be layered with other scents easily.
I'm glad I purchased a full bottle of this.
09th March, 2015

Cooper Square by Bond No. 9

This one screams the word "Man" when you smell it (in a loud chest-voice).
To me, it's only masculine and I would find it weird on a woman.
With that said: I LOVE this fragrance.
It has a retro (early 1970's) vibe to it that brings back memories.
This would work well on those above 40 to enhance that retro effect.
Emily (at the Bond No 9. counter at Hall's in Kansas City) suggested layering this with Great Jones,
which creates a completely unique (and expensive) retro vibe.

Cooper Square is VERY signature-scent worthy and can be worn year-round.
25th February, 2015

Antidote by Viktor & Rolf

I don't get it.
I expected a really loud fragrance given all of the notes, but it does not project at all.
I've only worn this on the backs of my hands because I don't particularly care for the smell.

Antidote quickly becomes a skin-scent but does have longevity (as a skin-scent).
The notes I do smell burn my nose and make me wonder why this costs as much as it does. I have had the tester bottle at work and let the other males try it. No one has said they are interested in it. One person said it doesn't smell that bad. Not one asked where to get it (or where I got it).
18th February, 2015

Saks Fifth Avenue for Him by Bond No. 9

There is a note in a skunk's spray that I find interesting.
It's actually more attractive than repulsive.
I find it interesting because I'm not supposed to like it, but I do.
There is a note in Saks Fifth Avenue that produces the same effect.
I find it interesting and therefore keep smelling it.
It is the type of note that I feel others wouldn't like (at first).
11th February, 2015

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

Sour, cloying, synthetic bug-spray/insect-repellent (mixed with CK-One).
This scent can be found in the camping section of any store for around $8.00 USD.
Maybe both will protect you against mosquitos.
11th February, 2015

Riverside Drive by Bond No. 9

If you are looking for a basil-oriented scent, this is it!
A paradox in its own right:
Light and Dark, Sweet and Tart, Soft and Loud, Unique and Familiar all at the same time.
This one seems to take a lot of the best of your favorite fragrances
and mix them with basil to create a special composition.
I am a big fan of all of the notes in the dry-down which
will have other smelling you and you smelling yourself for hours.
This could easily be a signature scent and because of the polarizing aspect,
should be easy to pick up for less than retail online.
Riverside Drive will always be in my collection.
11th February, 2015