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Do Son Eau de Parfum by Diptyque

An easy to wear tuberose, definitely a compliment gainer

I totally agree with DiamondFlame review, a fresh and green take on Tuberose. This is really far from being a soliflore, like Fracas. I find it very easy to wear and easy to get, sometimes you just want your high end perfume to just smell good and sexy. Definitely sexy and huge huge compliment gainer. The composition is so well blended, that unfortunately, it stays linear and almost twodimensional as oh_hedgehog said, but then again, as i said, sometimes you just want to fell comfortable with your scent. And I'm sorry to say that, but i would find extremely attractive a guy who dare to wear this powerful scent, really really attractive. )

Pros: Good sillage and projection
Cons: Too linear"

16th July, 2013

Ginger Ciao 2.27 by Yosh

Coconut at its best

I totally agree with cello's review, this is a coconut with edges and dark contrasts. I hadn't see such a huge work on coconut note since the gorgeous Creed's Virgin Island Water. As it warms on your skin, ginger and coconut play a beautiful dance on the stage. I really don't see this curry smell some people is talking about, but a creamy coconut mixed with a zesty ginger and some reminescent of flowers, making the whole thing as light as sunrise but at the same time as cool as sunset. I think this would be great together with Do Son!

Pros: A real interpretation of coconut, still a summer fragrance but far from being just a suntan oil like scent
Cons: Can't see any beside the price, too expensive for a 50 ml bottle."

16th July, 2013

Carnal Flower by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Never seen before such a creativity effort on a niche white flower based fragrance, huge sillage and longevity btw

As far as I'm in love with tuberose fragrances and I really don't mind purchase and wear 'em whenever I fell like it (as I did with my beloved tubereuse criminelle ) , In this case this is to me just perfectly beautiful. It takes me on a different dimension and really connects me with the very concept behind this project, that I just want to contemplate it as you would do with a Michelangelo paint.

It is quite expensive indeed, but sometimes you really shouldn't mind price when it comes to this quality.

Pros: Dominique Ropion and Malle are just genious when put together, tuberouse is taken so far that you won't even call it just a tuberose perfume anymore
Cons: Really, I can't find any negative aspect beside that could be very overwhelming which is a pros anyway IMO. Maybe too pricy? well maybe not

03rd July, 2013
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Tubéreuse Criminelle by Serge Lutens

A blast of contradiction to my nose and my thoughts

Well when I first came to Tuberose Criminelle I was just shocked by the contrasts of its opening, the camphor and nutmeg and someking of "frosted" orange blossom is just superb and this disorienting and a-la-coturier touch basically is a carrier to the super comfortable heart of tubereuse and jasmine which is what I would call cute and nice and cocooning. What I love the most about Tubereuse criminelle is that you really can't relate this to all those others tubereuse out there, especially to Fracas, this is a totally different take that manage to almost risks to betray its name because it makes you forget for a while about the tubereuse and the fragrance, and just takes you deep into the concept behind it. This is like a Zaha Adid architecture, is not about the building, is about the concept. Great intellectual effort Serge and Sheldrake.

Pros: Great "cultural" effort behind this project, a super modern take on tubereuse even after almost 15 years from its launch
Cons: Somehow even if it's a pretty noticeable fragrance,Low longevity: it lasts from three to four hours which is not what you expect from your tuberose

24th June, 2013

Oud for Love by The Different Company

Oud For Art deco' Lovers

Well I said Oud for Art deco' lovers because Oud For Love reminds me exactly of an english boiserie room full of exotic memorabilia and indian mixed with italian forniture upon a dreamy and super coloured arabic carpet where and open window lets the fresh and clean aroma of a well groomed a la japan style garden comes in. Hopefully this messy description can let you visualizing what Oud for Love means to me. Perfume technical speaking, this is for sure a masterpiece on sillage and longevity and projection, becasue it always manage to be as overwhelming as you expect your ouds to be but at the same time there's a subtlety and balance in it that makes you fell noticed but not "overfilling". A masterpiece from DOuchafour's mind in my opinion, and for sure my favourite from Different Company together with jasmine a la nuit: i have to say that Duchafour found the right way to translate oud into west perfumery, not trying to make a copycat of arabian scents, but understand what's beneath it and try to make it work into our perfume philosphy, this should be always the way to make something new and beauty as well out of something beauty that has already reach the status of "perfection". The last time i wore this i was in Berlin and, as everytime, i got a lot of compliments.

let me know what your impressions are ;)

Pros: Great Sillage, Longevity and inspiring scent witha huge creativity effort behind, a pleasure for those who wants their scents to be "intellectual"
Cons: Notes are so well blended that you can't really state every stage of the construction and the price it's kinda pretentious

23rd June, 2013

Beyond Love by By Kilian

What if Fracas is an old rich lady and Beyond Love and Carnal Flower her daughters?

In my opinion beyond love is related to carnal flower really closely but yet so different. As an example of what I'm trying to say is like Fracas had two daughters, the naughty crazy and loud Carnal Flower and the cute smiling red cheeks Beyond Love. Beyond love is obviously related to her mom Fracas and for some reasons to her sister Carnal Flower, but where the latter one is all about loudness and "to your face" strenght and personality, Beyond Love manage to be as prominent as her sister but with a pure approach, a sensitive yet sensible intimacy that she keeps secret as long as she wants. So where carnal flower with her crazyness never really reveals what she's all about, Beyond Love with her innocent touch takes you pretty close to reveal clearly what she's all about, a minimal yet luxurious soliflore.

Pros: Longevity and sillage, inspirarations behind this project
Cons: Too "hold back" on the use of tropical facets

20th June, 2013