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Oxford by Ruth Mastenbroek

A really "comfortable" mix of floral and oud, deep, earthy vetiver. Its a really well blended fragrance, that has a freshness to it while also giving really being deep and resounding. I am not sure what floral notes here are similar to iris, but I pick up a good deal of it prior to it settling into its base. Normally, I am not a fan of that note, but it really works well here. I look forward to trying other Mastenbroek fragrances based- upon this fine offering.

20th January, 2018

The Elysian Fields by Mirus

The first review of this fragrance, so a lot of pressure :). Seriously, this is a love for me. The three things I have tried from this house, frankly, have been just amazing. I usually have a hard time with lavender forward fragrances, but this lavender is sweet, and seems to dance seamlessly with the other notes. This is a happy, joyful fragrance that is also classy, natural feeling, and just a pleasure to wear.
26th December, 2017 (last edited: 18th January, 2018)

Amber & Oud by Mirus

I need to add more notes here, but I wanted to get this up as it is the first review of Amber and Oud for what might be becoming my favorite small fragrance house.

When I first read the notes, I was worried that the clove would not work for me, but frankly, it is one of the best parts of this rich, complex, spicy blend of goodness. And that is just what it is, spicy, rich, sensual. The oud is a bit less foward then some other ouds, but certainly there. If it is not natural, it certainly smells it. There are hints if citrus throughout the life of it, but just hints.

I love this fragrance.
26th December, 2017
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Ceremony by Mirus

This is a wonderful oriental fragrance. The oud is rich, sweet, a hint medicinal and "barnyard"- but in the most gentle way that provides richness and depth. The beginning is slightly floral, a hint musky, and pretty moderate to big oud. I like it a lot. As it drys down, there is a moment where it reminds me of Ormonde Jayne Man- one of my favorites.

The longevity is good. The silage is great. Projection is a bit close to the skin, which is perfect for a scent like this. As with the other Mirus fragrances, it feels very natural to me. Great stuff.
26th December, 2017

Ultimate Seduction by LM Parfums

Looks like I am the first reviewer; intimidating. I got a 20 ml decant of this, and since I have received it, I have warn it about half of the days. This is noteworthy, as I received a few other great decants at about the same time, including the classic MDCI CP, which I love.

This may become one of my favorite perfumes. It starts off of sweet red fruits; this is to black current as Aventus is to pineapple. The fruit is natural, enticing, sweet without every feeling coying. The violet is up front as well, and becomes more intense after about an hour. I still balances with the blackcurrent, which just as a delicious, plum like quality.

The top and middle notes stay present throughout, but the patchouli gives it depth, along with some wood, but those are closer to the skin.

I just love this, great fragrance.
20th June, 2014

Gucci by Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

This is a case of, nothing wrong with it, but not sure what is right with it either. Almost reminds me of marshmallows- soft, powdery, easy, lightly sweet. I
10th February, 2014

Vaniglia del Madagascar by Farmacia SS. Annunziata

As great Vanilla perfume that is most certainly unisex. It really is very pure vanilla wafts of smoke at times, and perhaps the slightest hint of citrus. Very satisfying and delicious. My only complaint is that it really does not project very well, and I really need to spray very liberally to really be able to smell it throughout the day.
30th December, 2013

Armani Privé Cuir Améthyste by Giorgio Armani

I usually dislike powerdy perfumes, but this is nice. A sweet floral (violet) at first that is balanced by something a bit darker; this must be the "leather" accord, which seems very light. It is certainly pleasant, far more so than the description of the notes would suggest. As a note, I like the violet accord. It almost seems like Iris, but is distinct. I dislike Iris as a note, and this seems to approach it but stays distinct and pleasant to me. The overall impression is fresh with a bit of depth, and stays fairly close to the skin. It is one that I keep thinking I should spray more of, but worry that it is just I that cannot detect its strength, and worry about blowing others away with too much.

Two hours in, and the violet note is dominant, and the fragrance becomes less enjoyable to me. Four hours in, and this has become nice again. It is now an absolute skin scent, with a gentle wood that is almost sandalwood like, the violet is less sweet, and just a earthy floral.

Between neutral and a thumbs up. I will go with neutral since it is so expensive (not a factor in the scent, but for a coin toss, why not) and for the performance.
22nd December, 2013

Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs

Figs are heavy on the topnotes. This strongly dominant note continues through the life of the fragrance. The middle notes and the basenotes have a bit of wood. This is a nice sense, easy, simple, pleasant. I don't get a ton of complexity here, but it is an enjoyable wear. Going with a thumps up rating, but in truth it is between thumbs up and neutral for the to total experience. A big thumbs up for something light, pleasant and safe.
22nd December, 2013

Hamptons by Bond No. 9

Soft and floral top notes. A very ozone- like citrus note. Mostly soft white flowers. I am not digging this so much. I get a bit of rose, very light, air freshener like. Now read the notes, and I do get the ice tea note. I don't want to smell like ice tea, or at least not this ice tea. Pass.
22nd December, 2013

Santalum Slivers by Kerosene

Huge lemon and cucumber mix at start. A bit jarring. Right now, I am not getting any sandalwood, and frankly the other base or heart notes are still hidden. This is going to be interesting.Reading the notes, it makes sense that there is so much citrus at the top; in addition to lemons, there are oranges and grapefruits. It also explains to me why the lemon does not really smell just like lemon, but some hybrid citrus. Nearly a half hour in, and still nothing but the citrus on me. Two hours in, and some of the woods come out. I little grassy note, and a bit of wood. There is nothing wrong with this, it is clearly well made, and pleasant. Perhaps save for a summer application.

Ok, three hours in, and the sandal wood starts to come settle in. A long time to get here on my skin, but now a really nice mix of natural smelling citrus and clean wood. This is a nice scent; not one that I would rush out and buy a full bottle of, but one I would very much enjoy having a decant of. I would suggest the mood would be a casual hot summer night, when one wants something light be with also a bit of something a bit more substantial.
22nd December, 2013

Saks Fifth Avenue for Him by Bond No. 9

Pepper and citrus. Noting earth shattering here, but actually quiet nice. Opening has depth for a bright fragrance, and has a sort of classy feel to it. I can see wearing this to a presentation I need to feel good to. After about two hours, the scent on my skin is warm. The pepper seems to fuse with an interesting woody note that is not familiar to me. Not sniffing myself, just taking in the projected scent, it smells nice, but a bit generic. On my skin close, I enjoy it more.
22nd December, 2013

New York Oud by Bond No. 9

The comparison to Montale Black Aud is very clear to me; that synthetic oud scent and at first, a dry competing rose. Over time, this actually becomes more enjoyable than the Montale, as I get a bit of sweet fruit that balances it somewhat. This style of rose/oud combo does not work for me though. The projection is strong, the longevity so so much.
20th December, 2013
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Unknown Pleasures by Kerosene

Big lemon on the opening.Also tea and baked goods. These elements create an effect almost like sitting down for cookies for breakfast; slightly indulgent, but also comforting. After about 30 minutes, the baked cookie notes start becoming more intense; gourmand all the way. At the beginning, it was almost as if this could have gone one or two ways, light and citrusy or gourmand- it moved toward gourmand on my skin. I am really liking this! Just looked at the notes- waffle cone!Yes, that works for me, memories of waffle cones at the Delaware shore! Well done.

Now, waffle cone does not SOUND like something one would want on their body, but this is quiet nice. An hour in, and this is a satisfying gourmand. Not too sweet, very wearable. Two hours in, this is an extremely nice gourmand. At times, they can be far too sweet and coying for me. Here, the vanilla, citrus and baked cookie (waffle) notes are well balanced, warm and enveloping, and not too sweet. I am shocked at how much I like this perfume. Longevity is solid and projection is good but not too strong; perfect, I believe, for this type of scent. I could see having a bottle of this for winter. Really very much worth checking out.
20th December, 2013

West Side by Bond No. 9

Lovely, and perhaps a bit soft

Rose from start to finish, other soft flowers throughout. A pretty scent, a hint of musk for a bit of animalistic darkness, but it is so slight that it is way in the background. Unisex, most certainly. For a soft mood.

27th October, 2013

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

Not love or hate, love AND hate

As the title says, this really is love and hate, not love or hate. Something about a sweet gourmand such as this that is both titillating and just resulting, depending on the moment. To me, I mostly get chocolate and patchouli, from start to finish. Best strategy for this one is the smallest spay to the lower chest or stomach, just so there is some distance and space from its intensity/projection. Sexy in molecules, horrific when normally applied.

22nd October, 2013

Royal Oud by Creed

Lemon, pepper, pleasing

A very nice natural lemon opening that continues throughout. The pepper and mild wood (oud??) provide it some backbone. As someone who does not love strong oud notes, this is a a nice interpretation. Not, as been discussed, for the oud purist looking for that. A nice fragrance that is not perhaps something I am going to buy, but would not turn my nose down on a small decant.

12th October, 2013

Five O'Clock Au Gingembre by Serge Lutens

Classy ginger and earthy goodness.

This is a terrific fragrance. I find it a bit heavier than some other reviewers. Yes, it easy to wear, but it has an earthy complexity in the dry down. The top notes are ginger and citrus. The ginger continue to something earthy, perhaps patchouli or intense? I am not sure and don't really care. It goes between sweet and dry, back and forth. I really, really like this a lot.

09th October, 2013

Dover Street Market by Comme des Garçons

Dry and lovely

Dry incense and dusty, in a very good way. Very much of a skin scent on me, and one that i very much enjoy. It is very well blended; the woods and the incense blend together very well, forming an integrated whole. A hint of citrus, but just a hint, provide balance and keep it from being too austere.


7 hour later, and this is just a delicious scent. The combination of the woods and incense are just stunning at this point. Still a skin scent, and still lovely.

08th October, 2013

Santal Majuscule by Serge Lutens

Well blended, nice rose and sandelwood

No note clearly dominates to me; its a lovely blend of rose notes and sandalwood, without the sandalwood taking over. The cocoa note stays close to the skin; as does this fragrance in general. As sandalwood is not my personal favorite note, it is not stating off fantastic, merely good.

Two hours in, I get mostly rose, and a bit of wood that has morphed a bit; it is much more enjoyable. There is a hint of sweetness; I would have thought perhaps vanilla not cocoa, but I am sure that is my nose. Rather like the development over this. Still very much of a skin scent.

07th October, 2013

Comme des Garçons Parfum by Comme des Garçons

Curry and cloves, a special event fragrance

Cloves and curry; a great Indian meal meets the parking lot after a ska show. It is intense, powerful,
and I understand the medicinal quality that some describe. I really think I like this; clearly, something that
is not being to be a daily wear, and frankly, I think of this as I do some of the Oud fragrances; "where
am I going to wear this?" If I went clubbing more still, I could see wearing this at a goth show, or
perhaps a sweaty mosh bit. For now, it will be home on a cold winter day, while writing.

07th October, 2013

parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Avignon by Comme des Garçons

A lovely skin scent...

A wonderful fragrance. Starts off a bit harsh, but them moves into a dry incense. Over time, it travels down a sweeter path, always staying close to the skin. Very little projection, but this might not be a bad thing for this kind of scent. A winner.

Pros: A lovely skin scent...

06th October, 2013

Acqua di Giò Essenza by Giorgio Armani

Natural, a step up, but still......

While some people may want to "hate" on this fragrance, as some posters suggest (I frankly hate the expression " to hate on"!), just because it is the flanker of such a popular fragrance, I really wanted to love this. I have been wanting something that is aquatic with some "umph"- an aquatic with some additional intensity. That said, I just don't love this. It is a nice fragrance, but just leave me a bit cold. It is natural smelling, and the longevity is solid, but I just don't find myself wanting to enjoy the fragrance on my own skin. That for me, is the bottom line.

05th October, 2013

Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford

My least favorite Tom Ford

I am a lover of Tom Ford scents; perhaps this one is the anti-Ford. The depth and richness that is usually present, and complexity, is absent. Yes, one could argue that that is the point here, a clean, pure and easy vetiver. It does not work well for me. It is far too green, young, sharp, and frankly, neither fresh and soapy or rich and earthy (two vetiver profiles, it seems to me).

When it becomes a skin scent, perhaps a few hours in, it leaves a mellow, spicy reminisce, and is not bad. Still, this is not enough for me to crack the recommendable threshold.

05th October, 2013

Number 3 / Le 3ème Homme / The Third Man by Caron

If you can get to the drydown, a warm and sexy fragrance.

Intense lavender and anise opening, with a bit of spices. 80s here we come. Reminds me of my Uncle Ted, and while I love my uncle and have amazing memories of him, scent was not one of them. Reminds me of Azzaro Homme also at first; a bit rough of a profile for me. There is some patchouli that comes in and out of early on as well. Thankfully, the dry down is much, much better. Enjoyable and almost sexy spices break through the gulag of lavender and anise; I actually begin to enjoy it a good deal after about an hour. The problem is getting there.
30th September, 2013 (last edited: 21st June, 2014)

Timbuktu by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Fascinating, different, but just not great for me

This is extremely unique, as others have said. It starts off with a blast of Frankincense and not a great deal of anything else. Quickly, pepper and almost a curry like aroma come into the picture, which moves it quickly from very nice to this is interesting, but. At about the half hour point floral and an earthy vetiver become more pronounced. After a while, it becomes more balanced and the elements shift back and forth. It is really an interesting fragrance, and I would put it in the like don't love category, as there are moments that I just don't enjoy it, but others that I do.


A few hours into this, I get nothing but vetiver. If you want a rollercoster ending in a soapy, yet slightly vegital vetiver, this one is for you.

29th September, 2013

Dior Homme Sport (original) by Christian Dior

That sport cologne scent, and then the iris

This has that classic sport scent smell (whatever that really is)...sort of a bit dull. Then, a bit of Iris and grapefruit, or other citrus. Its a decent smell, but I am not a fan of iris, even iris goes sporty. Longevity and projection good for its class.

29th September, 2013

Mandragore by Annick Goutal

Light, pleasing, with a wee bit of green

I really like this one; it is one that just smells pleasing on me. It is like without being inconsequential, it is refreshing without being dull. The citrus notes and the anise (star supposedly) mix together nicely. It is the only the first anise heavy fragrance that really enjoy. I can actually see this as the ideal summer scent for someone who is not oriented toward aquatics or vetiver. In fact, (note to self) I would very much like this as a late spring buy.


My one hesitancy, is that the performance is just average. Still, lovely scent.

29th September, 2013

Coromandel Eau de Toilette by Chanel


Masculine? Feminine? Who cares anin.... This is an amazing scent. The frankincense is front and foremost on my skin, and it is wonderful. Reminds me a bit of Sahara Noir at first, but then becomes far more complex. I get rose, but there may not be any present. I also get cocoa in moments, it is not overpowering. It is sweet, but not coying to me, making it more of a spicy scent than a gourmand, although I get why some call it that.

My only issue? I had very, very little to try, as I received the last wear from a very generous trading partner who said it was one of his favorite. I understand why; one of my tops and one I will have to get at some point. Stunning.

27th September, 2013

Philosykos Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

Its easy being green

Reminds me of the underbrush of a forest in the rain; tons of green leafy smells, sweetness perhaps from rotting berries (in the metaphor, no literally) and some earthy woody notes. It all comes together into something that is elegant, but perhaps a bit "soft" for me. Also, something about the sweet earthy greenness actually does not quiet agree with me. Clearly well made, but perhaps not something I am loving.

27th September, 2013