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United Kingdom

Oudh Infini by Parfums Dusita

I recently got a bottle of Oudh Infini and some samples.

I have only tried Oudh Infini so far but I must say that it is amazing!

I love the way the Oud and Rose blend together. At times the oud appears stronger, then the Rose, then they swap again. The Rose used is just spectacular.

Longevity is very good.
I wore it yesterday and as is my habit I sprayed the back of my hand so I can enjoy it as it develops.
I can still catch the scent without having to hunt for it on my hand 19 hours later

The first 4 hours or so projection was really strong and then started to fade slowly. It has lasted through the night and washing.

Can't really comment on sillage but I'm sure that if I could smell it clearly on myself for at least 4 hours then it must have good sillage

Compared to the Night, which is likely my top pick for Oud & Rose, The Night is stronger.
Infini is well blended and smooth. And unique smelling. Not smelt a Oud-Rose like this before. This is likely to tie with The Night as my top pick.

There are animalics (which I'm fine with) but for those of you who aren't, once you get past that stage it's all glory.

I like to layer The Night with other perfumes. Infini I will wear by itself.
03rd August, 2016
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United Kingdom

Oud Ankaa by YS Uzac

Strange concoction. One of, if not the most challenging oud perfumes I've come across. A very harsh opening that pierces the nasal passage. It has oud, and lots of it. I found it difficult to pick the region. This came across as more of an oud wood focused perfume than oil. The opening is *very* strong and accompanied by some sweetness. It reminded me of the mango pickle that is sold in Asian countries. That persisted for a long time. Longevity is good. I couldn't help but think of smoke and tar every time I took a sniff. There are no barnyard elements.

The bottle is black with a round cap and is very light; it may have been hand made. The fragrance name/label seems hand painted. The sprayer emits a good amount. Price quoted was £625 for 50ml if I remember correctly.

My first impressions based on a skin (hairy forearm) test are that this isn't for me - I hate turning an oud fragrance away. It is interesting, intriguing and powerful, but not very wearable. However on card it is a much less harsher experience and if I was basing my decision and review on the scented card I would consider buying it. The opening is mellower on card and the sweeter notes take a more prominent role. It is a pleasant scent on card. My wife commented that it was very nice 3 days after the card was sprayed. The deep base is still present and I'd wear it. Perhaps I need to give it another go on skin.

The Night is definitely the more wearable of the two and the better composition in my opinion.

Update: 16/08/18
Very recently got a bottle of the extremely limited reissue of this, having hunted for a bottle without success.
Have changed my opinion on this from neutral to positive. Lovely composition which is worth having despite owning dozens of high quality pure oud oils.
Strangely comforting and warm with saffron being a standout note. €650 direct.
12th April, 2015 (last edited: 16th August, 2018)
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United Kingdom

Oud Assam by Rania J

This is one of the best oud fragrances I own (not including oud attars and pure oils). It's up at the top with MFK Cashmere Mood & Velvet Mood for me (however the incense kicks in too quickly on those for me).

It starts off with a punchy Indian oud note; slightly barnyardy/fermented but not too extreme. This note starts to fade, the initial pungency wears down quickly, leaving a very pleasant oud note. I should be clear that the barnyard note here is similar to overripe fruit, after all, Indian oud has the barnyard note due to the wood being soaked prior to distillation aka fermented.
The oud smells authentic and I would be very surprised if real oud wasn't used, and at the same time my admiration would increase as it really does smell real.

The oud lingers all the way through the scent, from beginning to end. The drydown is surprisingly sweet. Longevity on my skin is good, 12 hours +.

I particularly like the fact that it starts and finishes with oud, therefore is an oud dominant scent but at the same time there is lots more going on. My wife doesn't like oud, so my oil collection doesn't impress her, but even she liked this.

Back up bottle worthy for me.
17th May, 2014
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