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Kingdom of Bahrain by Roja Dove

This stuff is so good. Starts out with a huge burst of lime and woods then settles into something I can only describe as a lemon-lime cookie oud. This is absolutely the best of the Gulf Collection IMO and one of my favorite Roja’s overall.
26th June, 2020

New Haarlem by Bond No. 9

Just got a bottle of this hard to find juice and WOW I’m blown away. Being a huge Roucel fan to begin with, I was fairly certain I’d love it. I get slight coffee, burnt sugar, caramel, and maple syrup balanced with lavender and woods. The lavender and woods keep it grounded and almost masculine even though it has so many gourmand notes. An absolute stunner and one of Roucel’s best in my opinion.
17th June, 2020

H – The Exclusive Aoud by Roja Dove

This stuff is just amazing. Initially Im reminded just a bit of Jubilation XXV but this is smokey and has more patchouli. The oud in here is not medicinal but woody with something very slightly skanky in the background. As time goes on the patchouli becomes more prominent and blends with the oud beautifully. This is so unlike the other Roja offerings I've smelled in the sense that it is more in your face and bold. Definitely not developed to please the masses like some of his other creations but my favorite from the line along with Amber Aoud. Fantastic stuff.
05th September, 2014
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