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Genghis Khan by Marc de la Morandiere

Dark, mysterious and wonderfully composed and that's just the Mongolian themed looking bottle. What lays hidden inside is the real treat to behold. Ginger starts the procession with electrifying urgency and coupled with the citrus & lavender notes gives it a very pleasurable robust start to say the least. I knew at that moment I was hooked on this Marc de la Morandiere offering.This isn't a one trick pony by any means and the senses kept experiencing different layers of euphoria into spice heaven. I can only imagine how the older version stacks up to this reformulation and perhaps I will have a opportunity to try that someday. Nonetheless, this is a tough cookie to find even on the company's website as they seem to have had some difficulty procuring the correct ingredients to get their desired composition.
I am also reviewing the parfum strength albeit on the reformulation. On this Merit:
Scent 10/10
Longevity 9/10
Projection 8/10
A very strong recommendation.
04th November, 2013