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Royal Aoud by Montale

This is one of the aouds that started out smelling great on me. I cannot sense a single fruity note in this scent, although I am sure it is there. However, the only problem I have with this, the fragrance seems to smell worse as I wear it. It is one that is terrible with my body chemistry. I actually quite enjoyed the smell when I first applied it, but it progressively got worse as time when by. While Aoud was the most notable scent, it eventually turned into something that did not smell good.
18th January, 2008

Castile by Penhaligon's

I didn't catch the rose notes at me it simply smelled like soap. Not cheap soap mind you, but still soap nonetheless. Clean and fresh best describes this fragrance.
16th January, 2008

Gucci pour Homme II by Gucci

This fragrance is dominated by spiciness. Although the cinnamon notes are in the middle, they seem to last on me all day. The longevity is great. It is a very unique scent that I don't get with any other frag I have smelled. I enjoy it, it is unique.
28th December, 2007
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Joop! Homme by Joop!

Of all the frags I have smelled, this is my least favorite by far. It's only positive aspect (in my mind) is it has excellent longevity. Of course that isn't a plus if you can't stand the smell, and I cannot stand the smell. It reminds me of an old bottle of cough syrup that's had Mrs. Dash poured into it and then sprayed on me. I do not like it.
27th December, 2007

Paris Hilton for Men by Paris Hilton

This is a very, very fruity smell. I smell fruity bubble gum. I would love to explain what it smells like on dry down, but the sillage isn't there long enough. This frag lasts for about 10 minutes on my skin and then it is undetectable. Even tried 10 sprays and after 10 minutes it was gone. Okay if you like fruity, but don't expect it to last at all.
12th December, 2007

Rochas Man by Rochas

This fragrance reminds me a lot of Pi from Givenchy. The only note that I could smell after 20 minutes is the vanilla. Its longevity is similar to Pi as well. I like both of them very much though. I only have a 1ml decant of this, so I probably won't buy this because I already have Pi. Great fragrance though.
03rd December, 2007

Avatar by Coty

The scent has no real staying power. It also has a very indistinct smell. It was given to me as a gift, but it really doesn't compare to a good fragrance with regards to smell and longevity.
25th November, 2007