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Jaguar Classic Amber by Jaguar

surprisingly good. love the sprayer on it. perfume is not really ambery heavy, has a good mix of delicate spices too it.. like it was hanging around with rochas lui and original gucci ph however is not loud as them both,tone the loudness to half, soften it and yet it assures you of its sillage. you realize, damn, you do smell good.

fun scent, nothing cheap about it.
18th May, 2018

Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

sharp, floral, citrusy with a signature note which reminds one of man.aubusson types of fragrances. this however is brighter and fresher kinds. a kind of scent which suits any occasion. nothing mysterious about it though. don't go overboard with your sprays, 4-5 max.
06th June, 2016

Dunhill Custom by Dunhill

elegant fragrance. nothing that would grab your attention immediately, the color of the juice is kinda misleading, it's not that strong. it's sweet, subtle, and woody in the gentlest way. excellent for office wear. good longevity.
01st August, 2011
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Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentrée by Chanel

Chanel Pour Monsiuer Concentrate is probably one of the most underrated fragrance ever. it ozzes class and packs lotsa punch and variety in a chamaleon like quality. What appears to be a coriander based opening accords with a lush backdrop of citruses and green; soon morphs into a eerie white smoke derived from spices giving it a very powdery approach. the mid accords is gritty and refiend at the same time. It settles to a lovely base of clean & sweet vetiver with hints of opoponax (which would remind one faintly of Lagerfeld classic.) it's like this scent gets stronger with each passing hour. especially till it reaches basenotes. it's mid accords is one of finest eg. of what a fine perfume is supposed to do. which is? which is, it should be able to memerise it's wearer with it's sheer nature and it's element of surprise. it took me 15 wears to finally "understand" this fragrance. The trick was, i sprayed some 8-10 sprays. mostly on chest and arms.
in other words, it's a spicy green scent which is tranparent yet, smoky with an incense like feel. powdery to the core in the most elegant way with hints of vetiver and the classic touch of opoponax. it doesnt smell anything like the original, except for it;s green character. this ones much more full bodied and direct and opposed ot the classic which is thinner and much more restrained.
13th October, 2009

Premier Jour by Nina Ricci

i really like premier jour on my wife. so much so that i wouldnt mind wearing it myself. smells of refined pink rose with touch of vanilla, fruits and amber. smells elegant all the way to the drydown. and the best part? doesnt smell like fruit candy. i dont find anything in it thats repulsive. only elegance.
13th October, 2009

Or Black by Pascal Morabito

smells like black leather thrown in to the black hole with handful of white florals thrown in. one cant help feel the suspended nature of the accords. whats more, it has a lovely drydown. A timeless chypre.
12th October, 2009 (last edited: 13th October, 2009)

Citrus Paradisi by Czech & Speake

To me, this is citrus heaven and oh, how aptly titled, Citrus paradisi. it's juicy, sumptous, effervescent lemon in its opening to a greener mids and a powderty soft, cloudy base. im not sure how this could possibly repel people. it's an citrusy elixir, straight from heaven.
07th October, 2009

Un Homme by Charles Jourdan

the comparison with De La Renta Pour Lui (Vintage) is very apt. in that, this has a very prominent accord of lavender (the use of lavender also reminds me of Lutens Gris clair). it almost has a wax like accord to it. this one stays on pretty powdery with a leathery accord running thru it. i would also lik to believe thats actual Oakmoss i'm smelling. gives off a pretty smooth and rounded effect along with the ambery goodness. the mood is definitely on the darker side.
29th September, 2009

Monsieur Rochas by Rochas

this feedback is for the *vintage* Eau de Colonge version. wld mint levea crushed with hints of eucalyptus done in a oriental setup. it doesnt come across as an Habit Rouge EdC which is considerably potent compared to this. saying that, Monsieur rochas is not tame. it's sheer, light, suave and classy all the way. is dry and sweet at the same time with hints of vetiver and white florals beautifully blended with a lively accord of spices, carnation and incense. the base notes stay close to skin with lovely whiffs every now and then.
It's no head turner. it's what someone with touch of class would wear to add to his mystique.
29th September, 2009 (last edited: 04th October, 2009)

Ho Hang by Balenciaga

It will get that, hmm, i have smelled this accord a thousand times by now accord. has a very lively, lemony, spicy/herbal accord (think PDN NY, Eau Suavage). Lemon and hints of orange come of pretty easily. but it doesnt turn orangy, the mood is still very lemony with a woody accord of spices and flroals. i mainly smell geranium with a woody twist. basenotes gets a bitter sweeter and powdery with vanilla and incense. overall, if you appreciate scents like R de Capucci, PDN New York et al, thn this will find home with you almost immediately.
29th September, 2009

Samsara by Guerlain

This feedback is for the Parfum concentration - Samsara in it's parfum concentration is extremely creamy and powdery with the Iris and vanilla pods immediately kicking in full bloom with a lovely accord of florals and some that smells like Rosewood. it very easily reminds me of Parfumerie Generales Cadjmere (the rosewood and cocunutty vibe) although here it's much more opulent, creamy and thick. i havent tested the EDP or EDT, but i can strongly recommend Samsara in it's parfum concentration, it's pure delight.
29th September, 2009

Intrigant Patchouli 08 by Parfumerie Generale

Gritty & "Dry" accord of patchouli weaves around you in it's opening notes with barely any hint of sweetness. Notes so gritty, it feels as if one were inside a tobacco shop; those which sells tobacco for pipe and chewing purpose..? the openin accord is as pronouced as standing inside one. as with all PG's it takes an hour or so to resolve it's differences and spread evenly with layers of notes gleaming from underneath.
By Mid notes - IP reveals a very musty, almost animalic note under the spiced up powdery accord of patchouli. Patch is pretty much softened by now and to an extent one can easily seek some comfort in the vanillic ambery sweetness. the sharp contrast of notes between being gritty & Raw in it's opening to sweet init's drydown is very typical of PG. i guess he really likes his scents to progress in stages, stages which are visible and are often in sharp contrasts to it's preceding accords.
28th September, 2009

Patchouli Patch by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Patchouli Patch is a delight to wear and one of the classiest Patch dominant scents i have come across. suprisignly werable and most importantly, enjoyable experience all the way.
Opens with a soft and lovely accord of freshly ploughed mud with hints of floral elements adding to a bit of skank and sweetness. This scent stays linear and gets more soft and powdery as we approach mid accords. mid to basenotes has the divine combination of vanilla, incense and patchouli. this is essentially a muddy & powdery patch based scent sweetened to perfection by floral and Vanilla. a must have for any patch lover.
28th September, 2009
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Isos by Farmacia SS. Annunziata

lovely scent! followers of "Green" scents, add this one to your sampling list! i would say this is a greener version of Malles French Lover without the animalic drydown.
Opens with a very sharp, juicy and very (realistic) green accord of peppered vetiver with hints of spices. Opening accords smells like tender Green mango leaves crushed in palms. the accord has enough depth and smells pretty lovely. the way the green accords are blended with woody accords is another beautiful twist in tale. overall, a well thought of release with heart.
24th September, 2009

Incense Rosé by Tauer

screechy cedar infused with a liberal dose of Frankincense and powdery Rose absolute. it is very clearly derived from L'Air. what i mean is, it has some similar accords and the use of ingredients too are common. anyone who has tested L'Air would be able to tell this is a Tauer creation in no time.
One other scent that it reminded me of is Guerlains Heritage Edt. Maybe the use of cedar is giving of that hint. Tauer scores another beauty with this. easily a must have for me.
24th September, 2009

Melagrana Currante / Pomegranate & Currant by Antica Farmacista

tart, sour and realistic accord of berries and black currant. smells exactly like the taste one would get drinking a currant based juice. Smells pretty potent and fruity and i would classify it as a "joyful" fragrance.
Not my type of scent but, without a doubt an interesting and worthwhile release for someone who like fruity concoctions with a realistic accord. lovely.
24th September, 2009

Eau Lente by Diptyque

Eau Lente is a beautiful Melange of soft spices, especially spices which has barks..for eg. cardamom, cinnamon and Clove buds over a base Vanilla essense(not pods). Opening accords are a beautiful melange of sweetned vanillic cinnamon. another essential accord which features in within 5 minutes is the absolutely stellar accord of Clove buds. the way it's (Clove) introduced and the effect it has on this scent is simply fabulous. Like most diptyques, this accord stays linear with notes blend superbly with a very versatile sillage and lovely sillage. This is not a spicy fragrance like say a KL Homme or a Costes or a Jaisalmer. it's much softer than all those and only tries to heighten the actual smell of the prime spices used in this scent. clove based floride toothpaste reference wouldnt be a bad reference..just to give a feel for how it smells...lingers on for over 10 hours on me.
24th September, 2009

Agua de Loewe by Loewe

Even L'eau d'Issey fails to match up with this gem. Agua de Loewe is pure, refreshing, effevescent, dynamic and most importatntly satisfying citrus based fragrance. Would create an aura of freshness and soft powdery halo of wonderful scent around you. you simpyl cannot go wrong with this. an absolute stellar release from Loewe.
24th September, 2009

Bandit by Robert Piguet

It is indeed potent. To say that one spray would be an overkill is not an understatement. Opens with a extremely "Sharp & Dirty" accord of Jasmine and Rose absolute spilled over used leather and grease. It''s powdery to the core and it shouldnt surprise you if it reminded you of Knize Ten as it contains the "exact" same accord of florals, Tar & leather, especially towards mid to drydown. Where it smells different to Knize is, Knize Ten always came across as a "green, powdery floral with a powerful leather accord" whereas, Bandit comes across as a "oriental, powdery floral with a powerful leather accord" define Oriental? well, think of it as a Knize Ten caught making out with CK Obsession Pour Femme EDP. It has tht Golden, Warm texture to it. But make no mistake, this is "The" leather fragrance. piece of advise, buy only decants. a 10 ml decant will last a life time coz 1 spray of this gem is all you need for 2 days in a row.
24th September, 2009

Feeling Man by Jil Sander

extremely tenacious, thick, smoked berries and plum accords in it's openign to mids.., which means, even though the opening accord is fruity, it still has this smoked accords to if it were rubbed by charcoal.... YUMMMMY !! fruity accords soften up and adds a bit of grit provided by dried tobacco leaves. the stark contrast of berries and tobacco is pure delight. accords turn pretty vanillic ambery here after and stays linear. classy, suave and sexy. wear it for casual evenings out or parties. no wonder this is highly sought after. the quality of ingredients are top class too.
21st September, 2009

Façonnable Stripe by Façonnable

just another fresh scent, which is tranparent and with just hints of green & spices. overall, smells like another coty creation for Adidas watered down...
20th September, 2009

Façonnable Homme by Façonnable

Faconabble Homme was just about would a be safe buy for someone who is new to perfumes though..fresh, powdery, musky floral with hints of spices and vanilla. not bad, especially for the price...but not too interesting too..
20th September, 2009

Jungle pour Homme by Kenzo

woody tea accords blended well with spices in a tranparent way...i see Guaic wood listed, but it doesnt feel that way..longevity is average too. overall, not a bad scent, i mean, it;s a Kenzo, they rareyl go wrong. however, if you have a wardrobe of 80+ scents, you'd want a better reason to buy this one. definitely sample. a 1oz bottle shud be good to go...
20th September, 2009

Façonnable Eau de Toilette for Men / Façonnable by Façonnable

Faconnable (classic) - about Aromatic! Talk about Herbal Mint!! Pretty agressive, fresh, zesty, "herbal" and minty. one wouldnt take this to liking immediately. definitely an aquired taste. for those who admire scents like Piper Nigrum should definitely sample this one too ! Thumbs up for this one..
20th September, 2009

212 Men by Carolina Herrera

What a discovery this has been for me...i know i know, this sounds like i was born just yesterday! i mean this has been around for so long and somehow, i just ended up dimissing it on card test/opening accords.. well, today, i had my arms free for 4 scents (sampling session in a mall)...very randomly i chose to spray 212 on my upper Palm... 1 minute into the scent and i felt, hmmf..wasted one spot..i should have tested something else, coz it felt very generic..fresh, musky, gingery green accord..i had sampled a lot of other scents in between and had almost forgot what i had on my left upper palm towards the end...i just kept on going back to it..what was generic an hour ago had morphhed into a pretty "Sandalwoody"+incense+white clouds kinda accord. an accord that i could compare with Tam Dao or a Gucci Rush with bits of Kenzo Air in there...absolutely lovely! just goes on to show how skin test is the only way to judge a fragrance...i was late to sample this scent, a scent which probably everyone on Basenotes has tried/sampled decades back//
20th September, 2009

Jungle L'Éléphant by Kenzo

Jungle L'Elephant Eau de Parfum - Jesus! what a mighty fragrance! smells tenacious with a warm glow of florals, has a unique halo of vanilla essence and yeh, it has that famous "sperm" accord found in Secretions Magnifiques and Moschino Freinds. Easily unisex, and one of Kenzo's prominent releases.. pls do sample this Giant Elephant!.. L'Elephant was great! it's definitely something i'll consider purchasing..
20th September, 2009

Pure by Boadicea the Victorious

Pure is clean in it's approach, it's loud, yet clean and to an extent tranparent. the citrus blended pretty well with green accord giving it a green tinge. i just love the way this green accord is executed. Under the green tinge a prominent accord of Ylang-Ylang and Jasmine swirls up pretty smoothly exudin a fresh breath of florals...the beauty of this scent starts after half hour where oakmoss and woody notes gives this scent a powdery smooth feel as opposed to the sharp accords in openin. green accords gets smoother and jasmine gets a bit more prominent with lovely accords of wood. overall a pleasant scent. doesnt have the ooomphs of a guerlain or a dior but, for wht it has to offer, it does it well. and yes, it's pretty much unisex.
18th September, 2009

Kiki Parfum Extrait by Vero Profumo

take out chocolate and patchouli from A*men and and adda liberal dose of lavender and sticky fruity accord, what you get is Kiki. is very tenacious thruout and opens with rock solid lavender and caramel with "Montale mukhallat" like fruity accords. i just cant shake the A*Men association, very clearly it's a take on it and it does it nicely without getting too cloying in the fruity dept.. not for me, but for those who like those accords, why not? would last 24+ hours with a lovely trail.
18th September, 2009

Ambre Russe by Parfum d'Empire

opening accord, which is also the signature accord of this scent is dry, hazy brown in texture with a boozy tinge. The brown texture smells like one has "grated" dried coriander leaves and cumin in hand and smelling them upclose. it has that kind of bite, as in one can feel the tingling sensation in nose as if one were smelling freshly grated (dried) spices. to this add sweet powdery notes of is reminded of L'Artisan classic Tea for two for a moment with the way Tea is mid accords supple notes of saddle leather along with precious amber exudes a rich powdery glow. This accord persists thruout only turning smoky and powdery towards the base. this is one of the best offerings by PdE and easily one of the best Amber based scent out there. whats more is the luxurious transitions all brown in texture but totally different essences; spices in begining with booze, then leather, then Amber.
One might feel repelled by it at first, but give it a wear as an sotd and chances are you will be enchanted by the way it performs on skin and the sillage it exudes. piece of art i'd say.
18th September, 2009

Cyprès-Musc by Creed

I didnt like this one a bit. not even a bit. wouldnt wear it even if offered a bottle for $5. smells like pinesol cleaner which moves on to be softer and cleanign agent kind of musk. this myabe the harshest feeback i have ever written but thats how badly CM treated me. im totally with Slarty on this. SAMPLE FIRST - in capital.
18th September, 2009