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    Vanille Tonka by Nicolaï

    I tried this - while I like it very much, the limey kick,bit of spice, and incense move it ever so slightly to the masculine side for me. Hubby gets my sample and I think we both will be quite pleased with this scent on him.

    20th July, 2009


    Tihota by Indult

    As I am new to the world of fragrances I am ordering sample sets by note to familiarize my nose. I'm starting with vanillas. I find this to be a pleasant staightforward vanilla with the slightest touch of incense which keeps it from being too gourmandy, I like that it's not too sweet. While I find it nice, my thoughts keep going to what I can layer it with, and it's a bit costly for that in my opinion. It doesn't last all day on me either. Hubby was napping when I stuck my wrist under his nose, his response? " um, vanilla." and right back to sleep. I think that pretty much sums it up.

    18th July, 2009


    Blu Mediterraneo Sicilian Almond / Mandorlo di Sicilia by Acqua di Parma

    As others have mentioned, I get ice cream, soft serve ice cream and root beer, I have childhood memories of root beer floats after a day in the sun from a beachside dive appropriately called "The Sugar Shack". So in that way it's nice. I love to sniff the bottle, I may even wear it around the house once in awhile as I do with novelty scents but the sweetness is amplified mightily on my skin which renders it inappropriate for normal wear.

    16th April, 2009 (Last Edited: 18th July, 2009)


    Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez

    I am fascinated by the wildly confliciting opinions this perfume generates. I have to say I didn't think much of the EDT or EDP, not bad but nothing to make me charge for the register either. However, I am addicted to musks, and oils in particular work well for me. So I went for the Musc for Her, I think the scent translates so much better in this form, it's smoother, prettier, richer but still quiet. On me it's a innocent clean floral musk, a daytime fragrance . I just don't get the sexy vibe others mention. I guess my sexy is a little dirtier. I think it's quite pricey for a strictly daytime scent, however, the quality is there, the oil is thick, the scent is concentrated - just a dab or two really will do you all day. The packaging - opaque black bottle in a sturdy reusable black box is perfect for storing indefinately and even though I use this as frequently as any of my others, it will easily outlast them all.

    16th April, 2009


    John Varvatos by John Varvatos

    I smelled this initially on one of those teasers in a magazine. Normally all those little strips smell exactly the same to me and have little to no relation to what the fragrance actually smells like, but for some reason that one intrigued me, I immediately went out and bought it for my husband. Luckily, he likes it, and it works well on him ...very well indeed! Brownie point for me! He just ran out of that and when I went to restock I was given the Vintage (which I hadn't heard of) and I must say we are impressed with both.

    21st November, 2007

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