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Noir Epices by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

This scent, like the (2) other FM scents I've tried, defies conventional description. As a male, my initial reaction was: "what the f**k!?" It was alltogether too sweet, a little too flowers, things like that. Give it even just a few minutes, and the spice played to me, and I was transported away from my desk to someplace where I could smile. This scent reminds me of my grandmother, and yet I would still wear it, even though I'm more of a fan of 100% male frags. That said, I think it's an amazing balance of homme and femme. One minute it will smell sweet and mustily feminine, and another minute it will smell deep, intriguing, and manly. Definitely something to wear to be noticed.
29th November, 2007