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Miracle Forever by Lancôme

I love the powdery and sweet for daytime weare very mutch. I own miracle since years but did not use it mutch, more than 3/4 of the big bottle rests untouched untill today 'cause it's not a scent that amazed me.
NOW miracle forever has all what I like to wear on daytime: sweetnes, powder and a hint of woodiness/oriental touch. and it's longlasting.
it's quite a scent for younger woman but I guess somes like me who are passed over 35 but feeling young in spirit might like this and wearing it very well 'cause it's not a sweet-sparkly and overpowering scent, not as "kitschy" like some of Paris Hiltons or Britney's fragrances. The drydowwn is warm and very sensual woody (even kind of elegant) without loosing a good hint of sweet powder. feel like a golden curly haired princess riding on a white unicorn, raining white and pink flowers on me, a remind of my child-wannabe-day-dreams wearing this :o)

very longlasting scent-whisper all day long.
11th December, 2007

Gucci Eau de Parfum by Gucci

you are reviewing Gucci 2 not Gucci 1 !!!!

I love this fragrance. perfect marvellous squared bottle for a marvellous scent!
it's very longlasting, deep, woodsy, seductive and sexy, even mysterious. got tons of compliments everytime I wear this!
10th December, 2007

Magical Moon by Hanae Mori

an older ount shouldn't wear this I guess @ by tlc0717 )haha
I've tested the edp and I think this is a really extraorinary special scent (and I've smeelled quite a lot untill these days)! if the moonlight would smell this would be exactly what you are especting from a full moon summer night. it's light, silky, milky, sparkly, transparent, sweet at first starting with coolness, then after a while turns together with a warm trail of the basenotes without loosing the sweetness of the milky fruity-flowery topnotes. the scent is quite exotic 'cause of the coconut milk I guess, but otherwise it's rich and elegant without beeing voluptous at all.

you will be able to stay in the background wearing this 'cause it's not overpowering at all.

only point disapponting: beeing an edp it does not long lasting enough for my taste; at least it does not on my skin :(
07th December, 2007
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Escada Homme by Escada

well, not shure if these statet notes are right on top od this page???? I 'm reading everywhere I 've had a look about, following notes for this fragrance:

top notes: coconut, peach and orange.
middle notes are sandalwood, musk and orris and the base notes of the fragrance are basil, lavender and cedar.

this would explain precise the described sweetness in the reviews.
07th December, 2007