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Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture

LOL midnight_lulu's review made me
smile at the parallel between Marie Antoinette and Juicy...I had been watching the movie with Kirsten Dunst when I sample came in the mail. Its like watching the movie in smellovision. I love it however.
The movie and perfume are completely decadent and very girlish, opulent, cheery, over indulgent and pink. Now the two are forever synonymous in my mind. A teenage Marie (Kirsten) gambling with pink poker chips, eating cakes, trying on frilly shoes and wigs and masks.
10th December, 2007

Florence by Tocca

I got the sample today and although I like sweet scents. I found this to be assaultingly sweet in the floral department. Its just not a very youthful smell AT ALL. Its a very potent perfume.
I found it to remind me of walking into my grandmas powder room complete with old dusty wigs. Just bad!
10th December, 2007

Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka

hehehe i Heart Lolita. If I've gone a long time without smelling it and I smell it, I t makes me nostalgic and it makes me feel sexy. If it was a guy, i would eat him up.
Dont expect to find Angel here, and i'm tired of those drawing comparisons. This is demure, and intoxicating at the same time. Its sweet but not like dessert, its musky yet lightened by the florals and greens. Ones a pleasant compliment to the other.
10th December, 2007
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Jean Paul Gaultier Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier

To those protesting the packaging. The can is actually a pretty clever idea. Lemme tell you why. Aluminum is one of the best ways to keep fragrance from getting skunky, losing its original smell. Perfume loses its chemical stability and breaks down even after just one year from air, light, heat and bacteria. So....aluminum, original box, dark linen closet or fridge will all help out. But my review of the fragrance is this. Its a wardrobe classic, its a show-stopper clubbing smell. Its hard to pull off wearing this during the day. I have always always always had some guy that comes up to me telling me that I smell yummy and wanting to get closer. Thank You Classique. Its warm, sensual, dark, mysterious, erotic. A+++
10th December, 2007

J'Adore by Christian Dior

I think this smell is strange. Its not necessarily bad, just odd to me. i learned from wearing this that I don't really care for fruity smells outside of clean citrus.
This is more grapey to me. Its not a cheap overpowering smell though, its just not for me.
10th December, 2007

Wish by Chopard

i own this and I really feel that the only similarities to Angel would be vanilla and tonka bean which are far less prevalent. It really is not flat at all. I find Angel to be completely overpowering and nauseating. Its like someone drenches themselves with hersheys syrup, Angel is cloying and abrasive. Wish should not be confused with Angel in that context. Its a very classy warm scent. I really feel that Wish and Lolita can stand on there own without the rap of Angel, especially Lolita in the top 5.
10th December, 2007

Truth Calvin Klein by Calvin Klein

This is a casual every day scent. I cant imagine this really offending anyone. Its light and not airy. Its wet woods and black crunchy autumn leaves covered in rain. Its dark and foresty and clean. its the amber and the green notes that make it rich and at the same time not heady. To me its a classic.
10th December, 2007

Touch for Women by Burberry

Let me be the first to give Touch some positive feedback. Its a nice inoffensive
everyday casual smell. i guess it depends on the persons body chemistry. Its a nice departure from the very musky vanilla dark smoldering scents that pervade nowadays. This is a soft floral smell the musk is barely noticeable when paired with the cedarwood and white pepper and violet leaves.
10th December, 2007

Dolly Girl by Anna Sui

I love the bottle, I was looking for a summertime scent and this fit the bill to a T. I smell a definite ruby red grapefruit....or some citrus notes. Its fresh and gorgeous and very sparkly and happy. Its not sultry at all, maybe flirty in an innocent way.
10th December, 2007

FlowerbyKenzo by Kenzo

initially smells airy and light and sweet.
I bought the whole bottle after smelling the sample fragrance from sephora. I thought it would be a nice contrast from the heavy night time scents I own. To the contrary....I am nauseated now, I applied this in the morning and its not 8pm and the smell is still lingering. Polluting the air with its sickly sweetness that I cant scrub off. This calls for a shower.
06th December, 2007