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Emporio Armani Night He by Giorgio Armani

This is basically hot red cherries and a little cinnamon. Kinda like those Red Hot candies. But yeah, sweet sugary redness all around. Thick and syrupy cherries. Wish it was an EDP for longevity's sake. Still a great one. Not sure if they make 'em like this anymore. Maybe La Nuit de L'homme comes near the neighborhood.
09th December, 2013

Kistna by Body Shop

Has a green tree sap smell mixed with cocoa butter. Very smooth and green with a sweet grass drydown that goes a little into a paste/glue note that eventually subsides into more cocoa butter. So, basically, green cocoa butter. With there was a stronger version, but it still works well as a light skin scent in spring and summer. 3 out of 4.
04th December, 2013

Big Pony 2 by Ralph Lauren

This comes on fairly strong and loud at first, like chocolate covered cherries. It's horribly synthetic and harsh. It then dries down to a respectable floral influenced, sweet chocolaty smell. The synthetic feel tends to subside a bit. That's what saves this from a negative rating. It's way too weak and light and operates like a skin scent. I guess that's why it comes in such a large size. I guess the idea here was to create something that doesn't smell too strong, which might turn off the younger crowd. Sales associates tend to sell colognes to me as being "light and fresh" as if I want that. Stuff like this probably helps to mitigate overspraying, similar to the Axe Proximity line. At any rate, this is not for me. I'd just as soon wear Rochas or Animale Animale. The deodorant spray might be the way to go on this. It can't be any worse, only better (and cheaper).
21st November, 2013
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Fruits of the Musk by Montale

This is a very sweet rich mix of every fruit under the sun. It starts out a bit tropical (almost effervescent), with some pineapples and bananas, then moves into richer berry notes. Cherry, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry. It's all here. Very sweet and candy-like with a dark undertone. I don't get much musk in this, so it's quite feminine. It's gotten more palatable as a unisex offering as I wear it, A fun summer/beach scent for ladies, possibly. Should have been named "Berries of the Musk". I feel like Montale was having fun with this one in the lab and then tried to sell it. Probably best for those under 30.
18th November, 2013

English Fern by Penhaligon's

Starts off with a really sharp fern scent; just a lot of green. Then it moves down into a very soapy plastic smell, while retaining it's greenness. Once it all settles down, it smells like Pinaud Clubman talc powder. Very dry and old fashioned. A good barbershop scent that takes me about half an hour to tolerate. Even then, it's only a 4 out of 5. I'm not sure what it is that keeps it from being perfect instead of only above average, but it is not a bad office scent and would make for a relatively safe blind buy.
13th November, 2013

Porsche Design Essence by Porsche

Very cold and synthetic, it smells like you might expect it to coming out of this bottle. It has a melony fruit vibe mixed with a new car smell, like you drove home in a new car with a carton of cantaloupe with the air-conditioner on. I could do without the sour, plastic smell in the dry down but, overall, not as bad as one might think. The pine at the end smells somewhat natural and gives it some balance. This could've been really boring instead of somewhat interesting, which isn't bad.
31st October, 2013

Kiehl's Original Musk by Kiehl's

The standard setter for musks.

Smells very bold and spicy, yet very smooth and subtle. I don't know how they do that. Animalistic, yet tame. Pungent, yet casual. Dirty and clean all at once. Like a classier version of Azzaro. Smells like skin covered with high class suntan oil. I don't know how they got it to be so oily smelling, yet powdery. Some use it for layering, but I think she does just fine on her own. A must try; it sets the standard. Classic and modern at the same time? How do they do it?

29th July, 2013

Knize Sec by Knize

Sharp, yet subtle

Bursts out with hot, white wood and a splash of white and black pepper. Various herbs and spicy citrus lie beneath the surface. A slight leathery afterglow follows. Good longevity and perfect for an autumn day.

22nd July, 2013

Chanel Pour Monsieur by Chanel

The Classic

Starts out pretty lemony and moves into a slight apple-spiciness. Dries into a green powdery fern scent. Smells a little dated and I think I might prefer the concentrated version, actually. Still worth using for a daily scent. I would compare it to Monsieur de Givenchy, which I sometimes prefer.

02nd July, 2013

Endymion by Penhaligon's


A very smooth lavender with a mild leather base. It has a lot of spicy notes, without being too sharp. Has a "cool blue" feel to it, which pairs well with the navy colored box. A nice powdery scent that's great for cool fall nights.

02nd July, 2013

English Fern by Penhaligon's

The rich man's Brut by Faberge

Sharp and natural smelling ferns and limes and lemons (read: citrus). Not my favorite by this house, but a good warm weather choice. Total barbershop, to be sure. Similar to Brut, I have decided.

02nd July, 2013

Green Valley by Creed

Reminds me of a watered down Green Irish Tweed mixed with a little Erolfa. Pretty smooth, kinda medicinal. The violet elements do remind one of Fahrenheit's top-notes, but with out the rest of the petrol scent. I'd just as soon wear GIT or Original Vetiver. I almost think that the Mercedes-Benz scent is based on this.
25th April, 2013

Cool Water Game by Davidoff

I wanted to hate this because it's Cool Water and a flanker. This actually turned out to be the best of the spin-offs. Both dewy and powdery, I liked it a lot. Very synthetic, but quite pleasant. I imagine this is what blue velvet smells like. (The fabric, not the movie.) A better alternative is 212 Pop or Green Valley.
09th April, 2013
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Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

Very astringent and soapy. Clean and deep, I find this to be very "barbershop". A cheap medicinal concoction that's worth a smell. Good enough for a gentleman on a budget.
28th March, 2013

Nino Cerruti by Cerruti

Opens with a bayberry, cedar-sap, deliciousness. Turns into an evergreen rosin drydown with a slight, sweet muskiness to it. Equally sweet and dry at the same time. Like some pine needles and some dry vanilla. Old school enough to say “I’m an adult”, but deals enough elan vitale to say “I’m a boisterous young kid looking for adventure”. Great longevity. Good daily wear, year round. Got this as a freebie from a Basenoter. Similar to Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree or Caswell and Massey’s original Greenbriar or their Number Six, minus the citrusy topnotes.
08th March, 2013

Bulgari Man by Bulgari

A much better offering from Bulgari than Bulgari Pour Homme, in my opinion. Better than Bulgari PH Extreme as well. Has a deeper and richer vanilla muskiness I really enjoy after the bergamot top notes wear off. But still kinda boring. A nice office scent for sure, but not as interesting as Bulgari Black
07th March, 2013

Sentiment for Men by Escada

This kinda reminded me of cherries or tomatoes spiced up with some cinnamon. Almost had a sugary salsa scent to it. Not a fan of tomatoes or cinnamon. Not sure where the pepper is supposed to be at, but when the scent finally dries down you get a synthetic vetiver woodsy thing. I thought it got better by the drydown, but never great.
06th March, 2013

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

Sweet, smooth blue cucumber moves into tomato sauce with basil.

After the initial, synthetic noise dies down. It gets better, but it's still very synthetic all the way through.

I keep coming back to this, trying to like it, or at least give it a neutral rating. No can do.

Perhaps it's niche that's ruined me on this stuff (or saved me from, rather), but mainstream safe and synthetic has reached its nadir here, except for save Hugo Boss' offerings.

Try Aramis Life, Kenzo PH, Big Pony #1, or Polo Red, White and Blue. Or Carre d'as.
17th March, 2012

Hot Water by Davidoff

Actually prefer this to Cool Water, which is not to say I was a fan in the first place. This is one I wanna hate, but can't. I expected synthetic garbage, but find it too be fairly natural and smooth.

It's almost as if I have applied Xeryus Rouge lotion to my skin (not sure if such a product exists, but that's what Hot Water smells like to me).

It's basically sweet, red cherry in a warm bathwater base. Pretty light and creamy.

The cherry and cedarwoodsy drydown is nice and reminiscent of Armani Night, without the richness and complexity.

If you can't afford Cereus No 14, this is an okay alternative.
12th March, 2012

Fahrenheit Absolute by Christian Dior

Starts out with the petrol element just like the original, but the greenness is notably absent. After the odd medicinal notes died down (A and D Ointment?), there's a nice leathery, rubbery, oud scent which is very smooth.

I kind of prefer this to the original as it's a little richer and deeper with its smokey incense, but I am not a huge fan of the original. This is just a little too funky for my tastes.

I prefer Bulgari Black or even Armani Emporio Night if I am going for the elements that this presents.
08th March, 2012

Marc Jacobs for Men by Marc Jacobs

There's precious little to be said about this one that hasn't been opined before. Starts off fairly fruity (in a non-citrus way, ala pears or other tropical fare) and then goes into figgy mid-notes and ends with a standard cedar finish.

I find it less rich and syrupy than Ferragmo's original for men, which has more spice and is a bit more masculine. Kinda reminds me of L'Homme (YSL) with a more masculine, less-floral, and less synthetic approach. Or an Allure, minus the longevity and price tag. A second application of this really brings out the bergamot and some pineapple/coconut notes.

I actually like this 'cause it's light on the fig and I don't really consider this a fig scent, but rather a light office scent for all seasons. If you need fig-in-your-face, you need Jo Malone, L'artisan, Diptyque, et. al.
02nd March, 2012

212 Men by Carolina Herrera

Has a fuzzy, powdery fresh green grass smell that's accentuated by sweet bamboo juice and a touch of incense. Great for spring. Longevity is okay, average. All in all, not too sweet and not too dry. Not bad, but still not too amazing. Worth a go. I still prefer vetiver scents, but this is pretty close. Great bottle, too.
03rd August, 2009

Very Cool for Men by Tommy Bahama

It has a strong minty, plasticky alcohol burst outta the bottle. The alcohol subsides, but the minty / menthol vibe lingers. Like a more pungent (read: sharper) version of Jovan Body Tonic (the blue refreshing one).
It reminded me of a Tag body spray (Midnight or After Hours).
Shares some of the Mojito notes of the new Guerlain Homme. Still more masculine than Virgin Island Water, but smells much cheaper and not at all fruity.
22nd June, 2009

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

Smells like a watery, synthetic, mixed-berry Pixy Stix. It has
some of that watermelon fron KC Reaction and some Paco Rabanne 1 Million feel to it as well. The drydown has some woodsy (ie: dark, teak) elements to it, but very little though. Like a Boss (or Bod) spray or Kool Aid, dries down to a more plasticy and rubbery smell (ie: rubbery woody). Has that Ralph Lauren signature note to it. Meh. Not bad, but so what?
22nd June, 2009

L'Eau by Diptyque

Some ambery resin and a whole lotta cinnamon with a touch of clove. Has a few other greeny herbals in there somewhere too.

If Joop is as bad as cinnmon comes, this is the polar opposite. Very Christmas, it would make an awesome room spray. Potpourri to the max, slightly more manly than Secret Melange.
22nd June, 2009

Monsieur de Givenchy by Givenchy

Lemony, fern-green and all-natural (as natural as I find CK Eternity to be synthetic). Very classic and smooth. Has kinda an old person's house vibe to it, like an attic full of bay leaf scented room freshener in a musky, dusty aura...Almost has a pine or evergreen sap/resin base, but only/just slightly...very old fashioned and beautiful.

What you might smell lke after gardening in the 1950s or rolling about in a spice garden with fresh dill, oregano and mint. A must have, or at least worth trying.

22nd June, 2009

Polo Explorer by Ralph Lauren

Starts out with a fresh green minty patchouli, then develops a lemony oatmeal vibe that segues into an herbal vegetable soup mess (oregano and a little sage). Kinda gives me that green champa incense vibe...The best thing about it is the synthetic patchouli (dry and powdery, ala beyond paradise) and that really shone brightest on paper versus my skin...not bad for a ho-hum office scent in autumn, but Eddie Bauer Adventurer 2 is much better. I would only pick this if I felt like I needed the RL label when people ask, but I have kinda lost interest in the cache of RL these days, go with 3rd man or Yatagan if you really want quality.

16th June, 2009

Ultraviolet Man by Paco Rabanne

As mentioned in the book "Perfumes: The Guide":
Violet and sugar. Sounds about right, seems like there's some vanilla in the base as well. Pointless but nice, short-lived as well. Might be good for a date on a summer evening. The bottle was kinda cool. Staple gun, I guess. Meh.

16th June, 2009

Pure Lavande by Azzaro

In the generic realm of Ultraviolet Man, Pure Lavande is more complex and sweeter. It has a cocoa butter suntan lotion feel to the base, I think.
Good for a date on a summer evening, but works better for women I bet. Not so bad for the money, but hardly "pure" or "lavender" for that matter.
16th June, 2009

Cristobal by Balenciaga

I bought this under the impression that it was for men, as the bottle says little about gender and I hadn't seen the men's rendition. I had only heard of the men's fragrance and didn't realize that I'd picked up the women's version until I looked it up after several wearings. It's a very warm mix of vanilla, sandalwood and lite patchouli. Very close to Allure men tonka bean is listed, but has a slight chocolate/cocoa feel to it. The drydown is a peanut buttery miracle. Smooth and sexy, for men and women. Would be awesome on a hot, sweaty, musky woman, but it's good for men on autumn evenings for men, too. Try it, fellas.

16th June, 2009