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Joy by Jean Patou

This review is on the parfum from 2007.

I first tried the EdT, and it was terrific. The top is so delicious and addictive. Unfortunately, the scent fades relatively quickly. After an hour, I cannot detect any of it on me. But it is very nice on clothes! Then I wanted to try the EdP, however, the extrait overtook it :)

The pure parfum starts in the same manner as the EdT, of course - due to the higher quility of the ingredients, it is denser and richer, and it promises a better developement. Like a bubble you are blowing bigger and bigger. I smell the jasmine and some lily-of-the-valley, roses emerge here and there. I haven't smelled the ylang-ylang and the tuberose, but I am sure - as with all classic fragrances - more and more surprises are held hidden in it, and I will detect them when I better get to know this juice. After all, I am writing this just after the second time, I have dabbed it on me for exploration. It last at least 4 hours on my wrist - bearing in mind that it was rubbed against the jacket! I agree with all reviewers, who find the dry-down dirty and animalic.

I can only recommend this scent to the right person in an appropriate dose. It is not the usual mass floral girly thing. It is best-suited, in my opinion, for an opera visit - great and big and perhaps dramatic. I am very contented that it is not widely distributed, and I hope it will be out there for a long, long time!
22nd October, 2009

Homage Attar by Amouage

I have recently received my sample package via luckyscent containg among others the vial with Homage Attar.
Having read some reviews, I was very sceptical about my liking it... That was totally unnecessary, since this is a really beautiful fragrance!
I cannot detect every single note of this, but what I can say is, that it is remarkably lush and well-rounded. It smells quite fresh, but it is not the usual lemon scent. The blend is just very dense and the citrus, the rose and the silver frankinsence appear for my nose at the same time. I was happy to note that the lasting power is sufficient. 4 hours after applying a tiny little dab is perfect and - unless I didn't reapply - it would have lasted longer! The drydown smells clean. Read my Chanel No. 5 review to get what I mean.
This is my first impression on Homage and I will try to enrich my essay on describing it!
05th June, 2009

No. 5 by Chanel

This review is going to deal with the Parfum No. 5. I have sampled all the concentration so far - EdT, EdP and Eau Premiere, but I think the true, original formula deserves to be reviewed first.

First of all, I am very delighted to possess the parfum. It smells history (whatever this means). I do not intend to write anything ground-breaking about No. 5 since in its nearly 90 years of being everything has been said. I would just like to sum up impressions on it, sort of verification.

The parfum opens in a fresh, eau-de-cologne manner but definately thicker!, and I find it very delicious. It is lemony and clean, and since I recently smelled pure oil of ylang-ylang, I can say that there is ylang-ylang too. Not much later the jasmine-rose mix emerges. It is simply fantastic and gets dirtier with time. That is because of the jasmine. I do not know how a Mai rose (the sort used in No. 5) smells, it is said to be lighter than a Bulgarian rose. Going further towards the drydown the parfum gets more filthy. I find this stage at times stunning, at other times I am not very comfortable about it. But this can be the skin chemistry. The only disadvantage for me seems the sillage. After about 3 hours I am not sure whether there is still something of No. 5 on me.

Now I would like to say something about the colourful imageries about fragrances, in particular about No. 5. People say it smells of minks, pearls and so on... Well, this is a very personal interpretation, and do not expect, you will be covered with a mink coat after dabbing No. 5. Therefore I support a "neutral" kind of describing a scent. Comparisons with mink are truly amusing, but it does not contribute to your own perception! After all, the juice within the bottle is what counts. And since not many of us have had the opportunity to smell an absolute of Mai rose or real Sandalwood, I find it even more difficult to rely on a particular review.

What I can highly appreciate about No. 5 is that it seems to perfectly match the idea of Mlle Chanel - No. 5 is a clean (meaning not cloying) parfum spreading the smell of no particular flower - this blurred smell is due to the aldehydes. The second advantage is the highly acclaimed quality of the ingredients in No. 5. I blindly take it for granted (at this stage) and feel happy about it.

Last words - 5 stars for No. 5!
05th June, 2009
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