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Stella Nude by Stella McCartney

This is my absolutely favourite true rose scent! Stella, the original is good to begin with, but the freshness and light florals evoked in Stella Nude is more my style, as I am in my early 20's. Love this one. I get absolutely no pine or chypre smells as mentioned in the previous post. Just a fresh/crisp and clean lighter rose scent. A more modern and up beat version of the original Stella. :-)
04th April, 2010

Absolument Absinthe Le Parfum D'Interdits by Liquoristerie de Provence

To be honest, I don't know what absinthe is supposed to smell like, but I decided to try this unisex fragrance anyhow. The fact that it is titled "absinthe", is really beyond the point. There is so much more that this fragrance has to offer, than merely the connotations of its name.
It is easily my new favourite! For me it starts as a very fresh clean green-scent (similar to a "soapy" scent if you want to call it that, but definitely just more green), but only stays this way for maybe 10 minutes. It quickly changes on my skin to a still fresh smell, but with deepening notes, that reminded me first of CK One (from what I remembered of it) and then a blend of CK One and Noa (which is heavier). And finally, maybe even deeper to notes of what I can remember of CK Be. It is very hard to peg, but I am addicted to the complicated and complex bouquet of the mingling scents. For a lady specifically, I find the intrigues of this fragrance a perfect match to my personality, a little edgy and mysterious, as the notes involved are definitely not common to woman's perfumes. I have special ordered a new bottle from the UK, and cannot wait for its arrival so I can start wearing this one everyday. :-) I can't get enough!
04th April, 2010

Cool Water by Davidoff

There are not that many male fragrances I can out right say I like. But, Cool Water may be an exception. As a female, I like the ruggedness, but yet kept fresh, athletic-ness of Cool Water on a guy. As similar to other posts, this is definitely a fragrance of desire and lust. Believe it or not, it's one of my fondest memories of an island vacation rendez-vous, where I was introduced to this fragrance... and I ain't complaining!
I like it, and it makes me think sturdy, muscular, down-to-earth and outright sexiness!
But hey, that's just my opinion.
04th April, 2010
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Libertine by Vivienne Westwood

Hmmm... where to begin?
I was so excited to try this scent based on the feedback and reviews posted here, as well as based on the actual notes of the fragrance, for I do love grapefruit in fragrances! It was definitely NOT what I expected, and I wanted so much for this to be my next signature scent.... By no means is this fragrance disagreeable! There is something so pleasant and delicious about it, but it just does not suit me (age (23) or personality).

As I researched the fragrance, as mentioned previously, the inspirations for this fragrance was the history of the English Monarchy. Ironically, I should have taken greater head to this, as they did an amazing job encompassing all that I could imagine an English Victorian-era Classic perfume scent would smell like. And it's exactly this perfume!!! Going along with it's daring side, as suggested by the name, it specifically makes me think of a classic Victorian-era courtesan (corsets and cleavage). It smells good! I cannot stop sniffing it, but there are aspects about it, probably due to the most primal classic-Victorian nature of the fragrance, that I initially think of something my Grandma would wear (powdery-floral notes). Other aspects however are more appropriate for a mature woman or motherly figure (warm, and deeper spicy notes). The bouquet of classic florals that I smell in this fragrance, coupled with the powdery scents I pick up, is what makes me think classic Victorian, most classic "perfume" you could imagine. And part of the spice and fruits mixed with florals spurs the notions or cleavage and corsets. So basically, they did a phenomenal job in portraying their inspiration, this fragrance is just too old for me.

To break down the dry-down:
On paper the scent remains fresh (citrus) and "soapy" clean smelling for a good 3-4 hours, but on my wrist the freshness and fruits only lasted about 30 seconds. It progresses to something very spicy and deep on my skin (0-3 hours), which was intriguing, but reminded me of something heavier that my mom likes to wear (Ysatis by Givenchy). So I was going to see if she wanted it. But after about 3-5 hours, it starts to break down to a more subtle powdery scent (thoughts of grandma creeping in). This is the point where it starts to smell like the image I would have of a classic English Victorian-era fragrance, mixed with cleavage and corsets, remaining this way for 4-8 hours. As I was testing it out, I asked my family what they thought this scent (both in their 50's), however, it was during it's more Victorian courtesan reminiscent stage, and this is their comments:
Mom - "Smells like Grandma"
Dad - "Makes me see cleavage...a very mature woman and cleavage. I like it!"

Unfortunately this scent is not for me, and I will not be wearing it. But at the same time it is quite alurring. I am using it in my langerie drawer. :-)
Hope this helps.
04th April, 2010

Cool Water Woman Happy Summer by Davidoff

This scent resembles the original Cool Water Women, but is less heavy and more fresh smelling. I love this fragrance, and have bought 3 bottles, since it is a limited edition, I wouldn't want to run out! It is great for summer and any vacations near water. After wearing this edition, and getting acustomed to it's fresh and airy citrus blend, the original Cool Water actually makes me feel nautious... I can destinctly pick out the scent of grapfruit, and it smells amazing!
18th December, 2007

Suntan Lotion by Demeter Fragrance Library

I was extremely dissapointed when I received this (bought online). It does not smell like the "pina colada" Banana Boat, or any variety of coconut smelling suntan lotions. The scent is sharp, and chemically. In fact, I've never smelt any suntan lotion that had this scent. I'm not too sure where they got it from...???
18th December, 2007

Haiku by Avon

This is definately a floral! For me, I think it's fairly heavy and strong, but thus is long lasting, where one application in the morning is planty. I wore this on my trip to Maui, now everytime I smell it, it whisks me back to the island. It's an exotic, oriental floral, nonobtrusive, and pleasant. But definately a strong floral....
18th December, 2007

Ming Shu Fleur Rare by Yves Rocher

This was reallt the first fragrance I ever wore (devotedly), and did so for atleast 5 years. It was always my favourite, a delicate and sophisticated oriental floral. But after a break-up I stopped wearing it, and switched to another perfume for about 2 years. Now strangely, Ming Shu doesn't smell the same to me any more, and infact I find it quite heavy and overpowering. But it still makes my ex crawl and lust for me (now that we're back together)...only problem is that I no longer enjoy wearing it, I guess my tastes have changed.
05th December, 2007