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M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

It is really, really quite puzzling how our tastes change/develop over time. Five years ago I hated M7 or at least I thought it is too feminine, medicinal, etc. Today, after testing hundreds of scents, M7 is easily amongst my top five. I thought nothing can outperform my beloved Antaeus in the colder weathers, but M7 recently did. Both are heavy quality orientals, but Antaeus is mainly great in the first 2 hours, whereas M7 improves the more it dries down. Also while Antaeus is a very refined/classy scent, it is not as sexy as M7. It is not easy to creat a scent sexier than M7. Although definitely a winter/fall scent, I wore it to crowded nightclubs where usually the temperatures get warm and surprisingly it was not cloying (attesting to this was the response from the girls in the club). One girl almost buried her head into my chest while dancing with me in order to take a deep whiff. It is potent, so do not exceed two sprays or it could really annoy you and annoy the others.
20th January, 2009

Roadster by Cartier

As for me, it reminds me of something between Gucci Pour Homme and Carolina Herrera PH. Quite nice, but sillage is not great. Also it has some note that is a bit sour (that one which annoys you in Carolina PH, especially at warmer temperatures)
13th December, 2008

Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentrée by Chanel

Brilliant, classy, understated. Starts weird with boring-citrusy top notes, then turns to (the typical channel-type) herbal, "coconuty", smokey note, steady from middle to base. Very long lasting, yet favourably with average sillage (hence will not annoy the people around you). As if this and Antaeus were both made to be the male versions of the No 5 and Coco female lines. Something prevents me from buying this before finishing my Tea-for-Two bottle (probably due to the similarly in the smoky sweetness !!).
26th August, 2008
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Tea for Two by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Lovely and interestingly-unconventional smell. May work in summer/spring, but works better in colder weathers (or in an air-conditioned area). Smokey and sugary in the first hour or so, but then the dry down brings it closure to the smell of coffee/chocolate/cinnamon. Honey is always there from top to base. Not sure if it will earn you complements, but surely it'll please its wearer. Fairly long lasting (7 hours), but silage is average. I bought a bottle at $137 from a beauty shop nextdoor (as I stopped purchasing on line the scents made of natural notes, since these may go off if left on the shelves for more than a year or so). But it is not outstanding enough to topple “Antaeus”, which is the first best winter/fall scent in my wardrobe (though made from artificial notes, and at almost half the price).
16th June, 2008

Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

I love "cold" and refined scents which "sparkle", and ES is one of few which does so. It is always on my top 5 list. Other very good refined/sparkling/smoky scents that I love are Antaeus and Acqua Di Parma.
14th January, 2008 (last edited: 26th June, 2008)

Antaeus by Chanel

One of the best scents ever. Dry, clean, sexy, classy, and long lasting. It is hard to find here in the US. I'm thinking of making this my signature scent for winter and fall. As usual it is difficult to find a comparable quality scent for summer/spring (well, maybe Eau Sauvage?!).
12th January, 2008 (last edited: 17th April, 2008)