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Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch

This is without a doubt so good it makes me ANGRY ! What angers me about this will anger others from America that love this fragrance like I do. Well, for those that don't live in America I will tell you if you own this fragrance you will be a lucky guy that has a one of kind fragrance as I gather this isn't sold in other countries. So you don't get the back lash we do of it being from a Teenie-bopper store that is fad oriented, and anything that is known as a fad becomes played out before long. It sucks when a fragrance is known as a fad because even if the fragrance is the best in the world sooner or later there will be a back lash against it. This happened in the 80's with Polo (green bottle), and Drakkar. I remember one day it was ..."WOW you smell so good", and 6 months later in a nasty snear the same person smelling the same scent would say ... "ewwww are you wearing Polo". Fierce has been somewhat lumped into this category. However, since Polo wasn't linked to a specific store for Teenie-boppers it was aloud to resurface and now can be worn now and then without negative comments, but with getting compliments as many don't know this fragrance anymore. Will Fierce be able to do the same ?

This is a bright-sillage bomb that fades after the first application only to reappear with a VENGENCE and stay all day long ! Longevity on this stuff is great ! This is a sexy, woman attracting cologne, that's addictive to smell, and if this was made by a more well known and respected house I'm sure it still would have been over used. It smells that good ! However, at least you could be okay with the store you were buying it from haha. This isn't just a young guy fragrance. It's just a good fragrance period ! Old and young can get a kick out of this one. I would say that many go on a quest to find the best cologne out there or at least close to the best. However, unfortunately when they find it it's a over used fad cologne from a store people can't stand ! So now the same people are secretly in a search for a cologne that smells like Fierce, but that comes from a better store ! A store they can live with shopping at !

Buy it, wear it, and enjoy it ! Just make sure you only wear a little because a little goes along way. Also make sure you wear it only to certin places if you're in American with a AF store down the street. Just judge the situation for yourself and you should be fine. If you're not from America you just foud the BOMBDIGADEE of Frangraces, so wear it any time you want ! THIS STUFF IT GREAT !
14th May, 2010

Bijan for Men by Bijan

I want to amend or edit this review I did in 2010 (8 years ago). Why? Because I recently purchased another bottle of this stuff on discount and it's amazingly good and didn't get me sick this go around (yes I really tossed my first bottle in the trash can). Wow! How could that be? I have no knowledge of reforms since my last review, but it's my guess since a lot of changes happened in the last several years with certain ingredients being band, many fragrances have been reformed. Which kind of sucks because they've messed up some master pieces. That being said. If a reform happened to Bijan (and I'm not sure if one was done or not) it was for the better. As per my earlier review. I was happy at first sniff because though there's no incense listed, it does have a huge incense vibe. However, there was something in there that was so strong that just wouldn't quit that quickly gave me a head ache and made me feel very ill (no joke). Now that something is still present but it's softer and doesn't in any way make me feel sick. It's actually really nice & smooth. Does this thing still project? LIKE A MONSTER! Does it still have a big incense type vibe? YES! So be careful with the amount of sprays and where you wear it. This isn't a work scent at all. This is I'm a boss and I can wear what I want scent. Have I gotten compliments on this one? YUP! If you like incense type fragrances this is one to check out. Like I said, I don't know if it was reformed or not, but if it was it was for the better. Nothing says or feels muted in this fragrance at all at first sniff. However, since I smelled this 8 years ago it appears whatever off putting smell that existed before was not really muted but smoothed out, and for that I'm happy. This is one of those rare things, where I can say at first sniff 8 years ago. I could see where they were trying to go, and now 8 years later it finally went there! Which is a positive and thumbs up for me! Very nice Fragrance and it will always have a place in my collection!

(my old review from 2010)
I just had to weigh in my personal experience with this Bijan fragrance. Bare with me basnoters, as this is my first review. Before I tell you what I think of this scent. I will start by saying I love all types of fragrances. Those for young, and those considered to be for the old. I have a pretty tolerable nose and good body chemistry. I can pretty much wear anything and get away with it. Yes even Kouros and Van Cleef & Arpels to name just a couple. When I read reviews on how some thing is edgy my interest gets PEAKED ! ENTER BIJAN. Well I found a bottle of Bijan on discount today ($7usd). Purchased it. Took it home. Then sampled as per the many reviewers instructions. At first I thought. WOW this is going to be good. I love fragrances with heavy INCENSE. So, I thought GREAT ! Wrong, wrong, wrong ! I kept this on as long as I could. I possibly kept it on about 5 hours. I literally ended up with a head ache, and a real feeling that I was going to vommit. You know, when the juices come up to the top of your neck ? ! So I jumped in the shower as fast as could ! It took quite a while to wash this stuff off me. Now the reason why I stated my like for edgy frags earlier, is to say... Hey, I love just about everything. I've never in my entire life had a fragrance (even if I didn't care for it) make me physically ill ! Never, ever, ever ! Enter BIJAN ! I really could see where this one was trying to go and wish it went there, because at first whiff I thought I was going to be extremely happy. Now, I'm in a fedal position trying to recover. My suggestion is find a open box at your discount retailer. Let a little drizzle on a wrist (don't spray). If it does to you what it did to me you know not to buy. Oh well, 7 dollars. It could have been worse. It could have been $8 ! Hehehe ... This is headed for the garbarge !
05th March, 2010 (last edited: 22nd January, 2018)