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DKNY Men (New) by Donna Karan

This one has got that patchouli-cedar combo that drives me crazy. I literally get dizzy after a few whiffs. I'm still not sure whether it's these 2 notes combined in general or the quality of the ingredients used (obviously into synthetics at this price point), but they almost always cause this reaction. That spoils any positive qualities this one might have had for me. Big thumbs down.
05th June, 2010

Tabac Blond by Caron

Spicier than I like on a woman, more powdery than I like for a man. Perhaps it's a coincidence, but I can think of at least 3 55+ female smokers I know that wear this one. Despite my preferences and the mental image I have of the wearer, you can't deny the quality here. Neutral, but leaning negative.
31st May, 2010

01 Nomad by Odin New York

This one passes from the opening to the middle notes to the base at light speed on my skin. It dried to the primarily sandalwood base in what seemed like seconds, which isn't necessarily a bad thing because it is very pleasant after all. The other notes (in particular the pepper and the bergamot) were much more appreciable on my clothes, and added some texture to an otherwise linear scent. Maybe not the most original, but well executed, and possibly worth purchasing if the sillage were a touch better. Thumbs up, but barely.
17th December, 2009
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Tam Dao Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

I've been using a sandalwood shaving soap by Muhle for the past year, loving the scent and wishing to find a similar fragrance to accompany it. I sampled dozens of sandalwoods, some nice, but mostly disappointing, and none quite like my soap. I had literally given up, until reading the in depth sandalwood thread in the forum. On a whim, I ordered a sample of Tam Dao. The day after it arrived I ordered a bottle. That's the stuff.

Not sure what Diptyque lists the notes as, but the box form my soap says sandalwood, coriander and star anise. Betcha that's not far off.
30th November, 2009

Sunset Flowers by Montale

As stated by other reviewers, this leans a bit feminine for my liking. It reminds me a lot of the Geisha Blue sample I once had, but less potent and far more wearable. Maybe I'm being soft on this one because I think chamomile is an under-used and under-appreciated note, but overall I enjoy it. Thumbs up, but just barely.
25th November, 2009

Blu Mediterraneo Capri Orange / Arancia Di Capri by Acqua di Parma

Wonderful light citrus, but fades away before any hint of the listed base notes come forward on my skin. A shame, because it's great while it lasts.
01st November, 2009

Iris Poudre by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

If anybody could be make a floral (an aldehydic one at that) that I'd consider wearing, it would be Pierre Bourdon. Great balance between the powdery elements and the iris. Normally floral scents go funky on my skin, as if to wilt and decy, but this one stays clean and true hours later. This house is quickly becoming one of my favourites.
18th October, 2009

Le Rivage des Syrtes / PdN1 by MDCI

I ordered a sample of this one since it was the only non-feminine fragrance left for me to try from this house (having loved both Ambre Topkapi and Invasions Barbare). The candied fruit top notes of this scent bring Bubblelicious gum to mind a little bit, and never fully pass the baton to the heart notes on my skin. Hours later the florals emerged a little bit more, but only some of the sweetness of the base ever peeked through. I think this one shares some characteristics with her Fig-Tea, which I also enjoyed. It's fruity, very sweet, and clean all the way through. I detect no musc or incense, as listed in the pyramid, that may have made this one a touch more masculine.

I know this didn't sound like a glowing review, but I really do consider it another winner for MDCI....just not one I'm comfortable wearing or calling a unisex.
04th October, 2009

Red Sea by Martine Micallef

Micallef's site lists the notes as "flower", orangeblossom, rose, iris, sandel wood (sic) and musc, all of which I can detect to some degree. Once things come into focus, a warm, sweet, slightly spicy rose dominates the scent, along with a hint of orange blossom. I would strongly consider this a unisex. Not my style, but very nice.
03rd October, 2009

L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer

This is an example of a scent being greater than the sum of it's parts for me. Some of the notes listed for this one are among my least favourites, but the end result is a scent that I think lives up to it's hype. It dries down to a slightly vanilla-tinged amber, with incense and faint citrus notes dangling above. Thumbs up.
01st October, 2009

Ivy League by Domenico Caraceni

This one was pretty linear on me.....fresh, clean citrus, somewhat green. The citrus in the top notes really sticks around on my skin overpowering the other notes for nearly the duration. Not a bad thing, because it's smooth. Thumbs up, but not really my style.
30th September, 2009

Vétiver Extraordinaire by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

I'm thoroughly enjoying my sample of VE. Less soapy than Creed's, no citrus sharpness like Guerlain's. And while I do enjoy both others, this one takes their place as my favourite Vetiver. It stays green throughout, with nutty and smoky elements emerging once it dries. It's lasted 8 enjoyable hours on my skin, and counting.
30th September, 2009

Royal English Leather by Creed

Finally, a leather I can appreciate! This is a clean, almost suede-like leather, not a dirty old jacket smell like most other leather scents I've tried. I don't love the opening, but it dries down great on me.
20th September, 2009
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English Fern by Penhaligon's

Found this one somewhat soapy, with a sweet woody base. Mildly reminds me of sunscreen at first, until that sweetness kicks in. Nice, but not my style.
06th September, 2009

Suivez-Moi by Fragonard

As someone noted below it is similar to Le Male, but possibly more similar to the Body Shop Javari in that it is not as smooth or powdery as the former. In it's favour, it's also not as synthetic. Not for me, but if you wished Le Male tipped more towards lavender than vanilla in it's base, you may enjoy this.
09th August, 2009

Lavender Tea by CB I Hate Perfume

I'm still learning which notes I enjoy, and ordered a decant of this one among some other teas. What I did learn is that I don't care much for lavender, as it dominates the tea in this scent. I won't give it a thumbs down, as it my own mistake in the learning process, but I wouldn't ever wear it either. The sillage and longevity are brief on my skin.
06th July, 2009

Spigo by Odori

I found the opening blast of lavender harsh and somewhat bizarre, but this one dries down to something unique and pleasant. It's not for me, but if I had to suggest a lavender scent to somebody, this would be it.
05th July, 2009

Royal Water by Creed

Updated Review: Call it a beginners mistake, but I was harsh on this scent in my first draft. My opinion has completely changes upon receiving another sample and wearing it a few times.

I still dislike the mosquito repellentes-que opening, but this one soon dries down to a smooth, light citrus that I fully enjoy, albeit not enough to buy.
05th July, 2009 (last edited: 20th September, 2009)

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

Reviewing this one is almost pointless, because it's so aptly named that if it's title is appealing to you, then likely so too will be the fragrance. It's a pretty simple scent but not without depth - it cuts to the chase rather quickly I mean. I think I pick up a hint of cinnamon on top of the two main notes. Sillage is just right on my skin, and it lasts like few others. I'm not sure if it's an every day scent or appropriate for the summer, but I do look forward to getting more and finding out.
29th June, 2009

Original Santal by Creed

This is plainly a nice smooth Sandalwood, but it's poor sillage and longevity are unfortunately a deal breaker for me. Try before you buy because if this one lasts for you, you've got a very nice scent.
29th June, 2009

Cologne Blanche by Christian Dior

I'm going to blame my body chemistry off the bat, because no one else is complaining of a souring of the powdery vanilla base this one has. The favourable notes in the base are obscured by something difficult to describe, but whatever it is calls to mind the bar my parents owned in my formative years. Mild vinegar? I'll give this a neutral grade because while I wouldn't wear it again, I don't find it objectionable.
29th June, 2009

Vétiver by Creed

After a very outdoors-y opening, this one dries down to a lovely soapy base. I don't find this one particularly masculine, but it is nice to be certain. A very safe scent, with good sillage and longevity.
29th June, 2009

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

As mentioned by some other reviewers this one shares a few notes with GIT, but I can't get past the metallic one. On my skin it causes my nostrils to tingle, much like they do just before a stubborn sneeze. Could I be allergic to something here? I've never experienced this with any other fragrance. Clearly it doesn't dry down this way on everybody, because there are plenty of positive reviews here. Definitely try before you buy. Sillage is ok, and it does seem to last on me.
29th June, 2009

360 Degrees White for Men by Perry Ellis

I finally got around to trying this one today, as I was curious to see just how similar to Le Male it actually was. The answer is very, but with some important differences in the dry down. I have one of them on each wrist as I type this. Obviously, not many will compete with the sillage of Le Male, and this one does not. That's not a bad thing in my book. Another important difference between the two is that 360 White dries down to a smoother vanilla. On my skin it omits the slightly bitter, alcoholic, almost minty vanilla of Le Male for a more pleasant one. It's almost like comparing synthetic vs real vanilla extract, making 360 the more pleasing one to my nose on my skin. That said, I still don't think I will purchase, as I work in an office where 3 or 4 wearers of Le Male have recently sprung up and this is not sufficiently different enough to set me apart.
27th June, 2009 (last edited: 29th June, 2009)

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

Aptly named, though the earthy notes were lost on my skin after a couple of hours, giving way to citrus. Despite that description, at no point did I feel as though I was wearing a feminine scent. Though it lasted the day, the sillage was mediocre or worse on me. While I've enjoyed my sample, I don't think I'll rush out to get more. Very nice, and certainly worth a try.
26th June, 2009

Santal Blanc by Serge Lutens

Lasted all day and with good sillage on my skin, but ultimately this powdery sweet sandal wasn't masculine enough IMHO. Nice, but not my style.
26th June, 2009

Ambre Topkapi / PB by MDCI

While I completely agree with the first reviewer that this scent does not live up to it's name, I will say that it is the best scent, bar none, that this novice has smelled thus far. I wish I had the fragrance vocabulary to do this review justice, but bear with me and hopefully I can get some of my thoughts across. First of all, on me at least, this is a very simple scent. It doesn't change much from the first spritz through to the dry down. While I do pick up the amber in it, I think I could most certainly smell some of the other notes listed to a similar degree (namely sandalwood, lavender, tea and vanilla). It's a laid back clean and fresh, not a lot of zip to it, but spicy enough to stay masculine. Though I'm not a good judge of sillage, I did receive a fair number of complements wearing only a dab or two to the office. It lasted through an entire working day, which is rare for me except in the case of powerful synthetics. I look forward to reading more reviews of this one over time to see what the general consensus is, and if there is anything similar I should check out.
23rd June, 2009

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

When I first sprayed this on, I couldn't help but wonder, "*this* is what the hype is about?". The top notes brought to mind a pair of new in the box sneakers. Truly. Fortunately I waited it out, and my patience paid off as it dried down to a gloriously sweet sandalwood. I do love this scent, but it's longevity is what keeps me from buying. It came and went in about 4 hours.
23rd June, 2009

parfums*PARFUMS Series 5 Sherbet: Cinnamon by Comme des Garçons

Fresh and spicy, but ultimately not masculine enough for me.
23rd December, 2007

RSVP by Kenneth Cole

This one dried down to a smoky-but-sweet musky scent, bordering on oppoponax (my least favourite thing in the world). I didn't find anything particularly distinct or interesting about it. On the bright side, it's inoffensive and lasts well on me.
19th December, 2007