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Lys Méditerranée by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Another wonderful scent from Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle : White Flowers in the best way possible (ginger lily extract, lily of the valley, orange blossom, nenuphars), not perfumey, cloying, but just giving the impression of a warm summer wind that brings soft flower notes. This is blended with salycides, ambrette and very faint musc (I do not smell the musc at all) that produces the most gorgeous effect : it melts the flower notes to the lovely sea breeze (not ozonic at all) such as I have so often experienced it down in Menton, at the shore of the mediterranian. Have you ever seen Alfred Hitchcock's "To catch a thief" ? This is one of my favorite classics - the atmosphere around Grace Kelly and Cary Grant must have smelled exactly like this : mediterranian, classy, aromatic with this inspiring hint of long journeys and adventure. Lys Méditerranée is one of my staples for summer.
03rd August, 2005

Jungle L'Éléphant by Kenzo

When Jungle L'Elephant came out in 1996, gourmand orientals were not yet à la mode. Lolita Lempicka or Hypnotic Poison would be available only 1 or 2 years later. (I will not speak here of Mugler's Angel that I consider apart for many reasons too long to develop here). Maybe L'Elephant was, if not the trigger of this new trend, at least a precursor and my first gourmand signature scent (yes, there were times I only wore 1 scent ...)

Jungle is a creamy rhapsody of cinnamon, licorice, vanilla and clove hold together by a darker patchouli and incense that prevents the overall scent to be too sweet and foody and gives it a touch of "Woodstock". Bohemian Chic in a bottle, Jungle is foody and playful, elegant and creamy, a bit mystic without taking itself too serious.

Excellent staying power and sillage make it rather a scent one would wear during colder months of the year but it is a great scent for lush summer nights too.
03rd August, 2005

Bois et Fruits by Serge Lutens

Bois et Fruits is another wonder that came out of Serge Lutens's creative mind. It starts quite dark and woody with strong accents of dried fruit (dates, figs, abricot) and dries down to a lovely and creamy sandalwood whereas the dry fruit notes get shiny. Superbe in winter, very elegant in warmer weather too. Good staying power.
07th January, 2005
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Brit by Burberry

A juicy fresh pear combined with white almond and citrus sparkles. Very wearable. Prefer the edP
19th October, 2004

Chergui by Serge Lutens

This is one of my favourite, if not THE favourite Lutens scent. It is a creamy, dark scent full of honey and various spice. It melts perfectly to body chemistry and skin.
18th October, 2004