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Mouchoir de Monsieur by Guerlain

A week ago, I sampled Jicky for the first time (in the parfum form) and was blown away by its refined character. I quickly searched Basnotes and learned how MdM is commonly viewed as a more masculine version. So, I went online and purchased a bottle of MdM. I've just recieved it and let me say that I have never been so excited by a fragrance. Wow. It really is everything I have been looking for - masculine, elegant, soft, refined. Dreamy. Relaxing. Breathtaking. I cannot stop sniffing my arm! Top marks Guerlain. Please don't ever discontinue this one.
11th June, 2008 (last edited: 13th July, 2008)

Tom Ford for Men by Tom Ford

We don't get the TFFM adverts in Australia, so I feel my opinion is based truely on the smell of this fragrance. Sophisticated. Refined. But cheeky. A bit 70s. A bit now. Sweet, spicy, woody and fresh all at once. My fav at the moment.
08th December, 2007

Soir de Lune by Sisley

Very classy. Very chic. Very French. Soir de Lune is a fragrance exuding the essence of French perfumery. There's nothing synthetic to this smell. Top marks. 10/10.
08th December, 2007
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Le Mâle Summer by Jean Paul Gaultier

It's hot (30C + in summer, never below 20C in winter), humid (80% + in summer) where I live. While I do enjoy the power of Le Male (original), the fragrance is too overpowering to wear in my city, even in winter. Le Male Summer is the answer. For sure, it's a pared back version of Le Male, and that's what makes it so enjoyable in my type of climate.
08th December, 2007