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Vanisia by Creed

While I fall into the camp that all fragrances are unisex, Vanisia is a lovely scent that I believe could be worn by a man who is comfortable with his masculinity, just as it could on a woman with elegance. When I first sniffed it, the spicy tinge that it opened with reminded me of the opening in Aramis - a cologne I fondly remember as a child as it was my father's signature. Spices, jasmine, and rose eventually settle to a creamy sandalwood with laced with vanilla beans. I also detect a tinge of amber. When I smell it I immediately think of state dinners, complete with cocktails, women in black dresses, and long gloves. This is a winner that makes me wish I had enough money to just collect gems like this my entire life. One day, maybe for my wife's wedding anniversary, I will pick up this lovely scent, only to sneak and spritz some on my neck on occasion.
26th February, 2009

Jasmal by Creed

Starting out very sweet, I immediately associate this scent with one of my old favorites - Hammam Bouquet. Intoxicating, exotic, and smelling like flowers blooming in the heat, Jasmal is like a refreshing cup of hot jasmine tea in the warm summer summer morning. At first comes the heat, and then it settles to a cooling sophistication. The drydown is very powdery on me, a lot like Hammam Bouquet. For those who favor the HB, I would suggest maybe purchasing a decant of this juice.

Jasmal is like appreciating a fine wine, a good cigar, or a choice piece of art work. It is fragrances like these that remind me why I love scents so much.
26th February, 2009

Paris Hilton for Men by Paris Hilton

I got a sample of this for Christmas. Much too fruity and just not for me. I agree that it does smell like a jolly rancher, but the musk brings out a kind of powdery scent which clashes, adding a certain "childishness" and "immaturity" to this fragrance. It is definitely for the under thirty crowd. I'm 24 as of this review, but it is not for this corn-fed Texan.

My father smelt it and said, "It smells like baby prostitute." I think that quote pretty much sums it up.

But de gustibus non est disputatem.
20th February, 2009
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Sandalo by Santa Maria Novella

I just tried this Sandalwood fragrance after shaving, and I must say, I'm surprised that it is listed here as a feminine fragrance. While much of SMN fragrances are unisex, this sandalwood is something that I would associate with a male. The opening is bright and peppery, almost harsh, drying down to a melange of plant matter and wood. Like their Spanish Leather, I wouldn't call it a "pretty" fragrance. But is is certainly one that calls for a suit and tie.
14th April, 2008